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3 Hot DITA Sunglasses for Women & Men, From Modern To (Super) Proudly Classic

From the timeless Telemaker to the modern Talon, DITA has models for every taste – and we’ve selected some that we bet you’ll love!

Remember those days when choosing a pair of sunglasses meant going for something dark enough to keep the sun out? Yeah, me neither – sunglasses have always been about more than just practicality.

And when it comes to style, DITA has some of the best most stylish sunglasses out there, period. AllStarShades.com has selected the very best DITA models for both men and women, plus a list of tips and an FAQ – and here are just a few:


DITA Sunglasses for Women


A superb, elegant design that’s straight out of a posh Euro movie, this beauty would have looked amazing 50 years ago and will look cool 150 years from now, too. You can’t go wrong with the Telemaker’s purposeful, bold, but surprisingly sleek design!


This more minimalistic piece is great for those looking for understated elegance. As the guide says, “they’re a great example of how DITA combines fashion-forward design with practical eye care.” – and truly, you can’t go wrong with something that is so versatile it will likely flatter faces of all shapes and sizes!


More elegant goodness from DITA, but this time with a more daring design, the Sunbird stands an inch above the rest in terms of extravagance. Quite the opposite of the Zazoe, but not as vintage as the Telemaker, the Sunbird makes for a statement piece for the modern city woman.


DITA Sunglasses for Men


This minimalistic model features strong lines and a construction that’s best described as incredibly robust. Thick frames but not too thick, square but not aggressively so, they’re the eyewear of choice for Composure and Self-Confidence if they were men, and not… well, abstract concepts.


Easy there! If you want to look like a kingpin from GTA Vice City, that’s your go-to eyewear. The perfect look for the Italian mafioso in his 60s, but probably not the most obvious choice for anyone else – but hey, who says you have to go with the obvious? This is about as extravagant as sipping soup from a transparent cup on the New York subway, and we’re all for it!


This uniquely balanced design complements a slightly more daring frame with a clean, nature-inspired overall aesthetic. These are supposedly inspired by sequoia trees and the great outdoors – and we leave it up to you to discover just how (really, we can’t really tell!).

If you’re looking for more designs for men and women (and unisex pieces, too), AllStarShades.com has selected the top 5 DITA sunglasses for each – and you’ll also find useful tips on how to choose the right classes for your face, and much more!

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