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The Clear Creek Group Invites Digital Nomads to Experience Remote Work in Paradise with Exclusive Vacation Rentals in Jackson Hole

Jackson, Wyoming, United States, October 2, 2023 – Digital nomads work remotely from various places worldwide. They embrace a location-independent lifestyle. Approximately 45% of global digital nomads stay in one place for one to three months. Choosing where to stay is essential as it impacts their work, lifestyle, and experience.

Jackson Hole has become a top spot for remote workers looking for some inspiration. It has jaw-dropping nature surroundings and a rad small-town vibe. This mountain getaway mixes the perfect combo of adventure, amenities, and WiFi need-for-speed. Whether you’re working solo or assembling a nomadic squad, Jackson Hole brings together everything you need to crush those work goals amidst quintessential Rocky Mountain beauty.

The Rise of Jackson Hole as a Digital Nomad Destination

Jackson Hole strikes an ideal balance between natural beauty and modern conveniences. It offers easy access to hiking trails, ski slopes, rivers, and wildlife preserves. These offerings appeal to the adventurous spirits of many digital nomads. At the same time, the town provides high-speed internet and a thriving cafe culture. It caters to remote work needs, making it an ideal digital nomad destination.

Adding to its charm is the limited land availability for development in Jackson Hole. Only about 2% of the surrounding area is open to construction. This caused a spike in home prices over the past decade. With high demand and limited housing inventory, Jackson Hole presents a profitable opportunity for homeowners willing to lease out their properties to semi-permanent residents.

To meet the influx of digital nomads, the jackson hole home rentals market has grown. Homeowners and property companies offer furnished rentals for remote work. These rentals have fast internet, workspaces, and flexible lease terms. Local property managers also offer concierge services to ensure a smooth experience. With limited hotels in town, vacation rentals enable more digital nomads to live and work in Jackson Hole.

In recent years, Jackson Hole has seen a major influx of digital nomads. They seek to take advantage of the area’s unique blend of natural allure and connectivity. The COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst, with more professionals embracing remote work. They look for inspiring destinations like Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole has about 9,000 residents. During peak tourist times, it doubles thanks to mobile workers choosing it as a temporary base.

Town officials have welcomed the economic stimulus and vibrancy the digital nomads bring. The town’s lively dining and arts scene, plus events like the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, cater to semi-permanent residents. Digital nomad amenities and infrastructure will keep it a sought after remote work hub.

Key Features Digital Nomads Seek in Jackson Hole Rentals

There are over 15.5 million Americans now identifying as digital nomads. And Jackson Hole’s vacation rental market has adapted to meet their unique needs. Here are some of the key features remote workers seek:

High-speed internet

Reliable, fast internet with fiber optic broadband is non-negotiable for most digital nomads. Jackson Hole delivers through providers like SilverStar Communications. They offer symmetrical gigabit speeds perfect for video calls and transferring large files.

Functional spaces

Digital nomads look for separate and dedicated office areas in rentals. They prefer it rather than makeshift workspaces. Ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and good lighting improve home workspaces. Ample power outlets and USB charging ports are essential for flexibility.

Flexible leasing

The ability to rent monthly, or long-term suits digital nomads who may shift locations. Many Jackson Hole listings now offer discounts for stays from 1-6 months. This is to attract remote workers. Services like furnishing and mail handling add convenience.

Access to nature

Proximity to hiking trails, ski slopes, and other outdoor activities ranks for active digital nomads in Jackson Hole. They like rentals surrounded by open spaces and mountain vistas. Opportunities to unwind in nature after work are popular.


Shared co-living or co-working options provide built-in opportunities to network and collaborate with fellow digital nomads. Common lounges, events, and social activities help foster new connections.

The Luxury Experience: Going Beyond the Basics

While essential features like fast WiFi and comfortable work areas are must-haves, some digital nomads desire more indulgence from their Jackson Hole rentals. Luxury amenities elevate the remote work experience with top-notch comfort and hospitality. Here are some advantages:

Scenic views

Enjoy Jackson Hole’s stunning mountain views with floor-to-ceiling windows and outdoor seating.  Waking up to panoramic views of the Tetons fuels the soul.

Premium facilities

On-site concierge personnel can handle booking excursions, reservations, and transportation for you. Valet service takes vehicle hassle off your plate. 24/7 room service provides quality dining options on demand when you’d rather stay in.

Five-star furnishings

Plush bedding, premium mattresses, and spa-like bathrooms give a luxurious hotel feel. The upscale designer decor adds to the pampered ambiance. You’ll feel the royalty.

Business support.

Boost productivity by using administrative assistants. They can handle tasks like mail collection, dry cleaning, reservations, and more for you.

Recreation amenities.

Having bicycles, fishing poles and gear, kayaks, and other recreational equipment provided grants easy access to outdoor adventures in Jackson Hole. Hit the trails and waters right from your rental’s doorstep.

While luxury doesn’t come cheap, the splurge enhances the digital nomad lifestyle in Jackson Hole for those who value premium experiences.

The Digital Nomad Community in Jackson Hole

Apart from amenities, connecting with fellow remote workers is vital. It’s a key aspect of the location-independent lifestyle. Here are the ways to connect with them in Jackson Hole:

  • Co-working spaces: Shared offices help collaboration and community building.
  • Meetups & events: Groups like Jackson Hole Digital host tech mixers, happy hours, workshops, and speaker sessions.
  • Social media forums: Facebook groups like “Digital Nomads of Jackson Hole” help create connections.
  • Activity clubs: Join hikers, climbers, skiers, yogis, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Plugging into the digital nomad community creates a sense of belonging and helps nurture personal and professional relationships.

Balancing Work and Leisure: Making the Most of Your Stay

To fully experience the Jackson Hole lifestyle, remote workers should blend their professional obligations with ample leisure time spent outdoors.

  • Morning adventures: Start the day strong by cycling, hiking, or paddle boarding surrounded by awe-inspiring vistas.
  • Afternoon Focus: Dedicate a few hours to heads-down work in your rental’s home office or a co-working space.
  • Evening amusement: Après work activities like happy hours, concerts, art walks, and yoga classes promise fun social outings.
  • Weekend escapes: Pack up and camp, fish, or ski with new friends from the digital nomad community.

Finding the right rhythm between work and play lets you optimize living in Jackson Hole as a location-independent professional.

FAQs on Vacation Rentals for Digital Nomads in Jackson Hole

  1. What are the best platforms to find long-term rentals suitable for remote workers in Jackson Hole?

Some top rental listing sites include Out Here, Jackson Hole Digital, Rendezvous Mountain Rentals and Priority Luxury Rentals. Local property management companies like Retreatia and Hole Hound also cater to digital nomads.

2. How do Jackson Hole vacation rentals cater to the needs of digital nomads?

Many rentals offer dedicated home offices with desks, high-speed internet, printing/scanning, video conferencing amenities and tech support. Others provide co-working spaces, networking events and coordination with local activity groups.

3. Are there any community-driven events or spaces for digital nomads in Jackson Hole?

Yes, co-working spaces host events for digital nomads. Meetup groups like Jackson Hole Digital organize regular social gatherings. There are also Facebook groups like Digital Nomads of Jackson Hole to connect with community members.


Jackson Hole is perfect for digital nomads with its beauty, amenities, and community. Rental owners have tailored their properties for work and adventure. Choose Jackson Hole for remote work, and you’ll enjoy paradise without sacrificing productivity. Plus, the breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities await your exploration during your downtime.


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