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The 101-guide for hiring an attorney in NYC

You have endured injuries in an auto accident in NYC that wasn’t your fault. What’s next? Once you receive medical attention and have informed the police, you should inform your insurance company and call an attorney. You can check https://www.sullivangalleshaw.com/queens-car-accident-lawyer/ to get an appointment with a top lawyer in the city. For your help, we have shared everything you must know about hiring a car accident attorney.

What can an accident lawyer do for you?

The role of personal injury lawyers is often ignored by claimants. An attorney is more than just your helping hand for the claim-related paperwork. An experienced accident lawyer can do the following at the least –

  1. Help find who is liable and at fault for the accident
  2. Determine the share in the liability
  3. Handle the claim-related forms and paperwork
  4. Work with the claims adjuster and negotiate a settlement
  5. Find evidence to add strength to your case
  6. Talk to witnesses to find more details and take statements
  7. Get in touch with medical experts to know the extent of your injuries better
  8. Take help from accident reconstruction experts, if needed, to establish fault
  9. File a lawsuit and fight aggressively in court for a settlement

When hiring a lawyer is truly necessary

There is no law in NY that makes it necessary to hire an attorney for your accident claim. However, you may have to consult an attorney in certain circumstances. Firstly, please understand that insurance companies are not on your side on this, and therefore, the claims adjuster may deny your case for flimsy or absurd reasons. Also, you may not get a fair settlement if you negotiate directly. Here are some situations when lawyering up is essential –

  1. When your injuries are serious and likely to impact your life ahead
  2. When you have a role in causing the accident, such as distracted driving
  3. When there are multiple parties at fault
  4. When there is no clarity about how the accident happened
  5. When the insurance company has already denied your claim

How much does it cost to hire an accident lawyer?

All personal injury lawyers in NYC work on a contingency fee. This means that the attorneys get a share after clients get a settlement for their cases. You don’t need a stash of cash to get a lawyer to fight the legal battle.

Make sure that you check the reviews of a car accident lawyer before you hire them.