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Malta – the right solution for international business

International business in Malta – an island country, which is part of the European Union and is located at the crossroads of major trade routes. This is a great opportunity to optimize taxes, paying bills, company registration in malta will be much cheaper, and you can get a license for the most profitable activities, earn a reputation as a good business partner. We will advise on how to start a successful business in Malta.

The main advantages of doing business in Malta

Registering a business in Malta will put you in excellent company: both private mini-investors and many large foreign companies have already started or expanded their business operations in Malta. These include Lufthansa Technik, SR Technik, Watsons Pharmaceuticals, Siegfried, Baxter, Cardinal Health, Playmobil, Trelleborg, TRC Media Group, HSBC, Besedo, among others.


1. Doing business in a country with a stable economy is enjoyable. Malta has the fastest growing economy in Europe. Experts agree that this growth will continue. GDP growth in 2018 was about 6%, the highest in Europe. At the same time, the unemployment rate dropped to 3.7%, putting Malta in fourth place from the bottom.

2. You can pay a total income tax of only 5%, while Malta is under European jurisdiction and is not offshore.

3. Malta has several programs to support different types of private enterprise. Ask us – perhaps your business interests fall under one of them. More information about benefits for foreign investors can be found below.

4. You can start a business in Malta, even if you have only €1,250.

5. As the owner of a company in Malta, you will be able to get a business visa, and if you meet a number of conditions – a permit for permanent residence in Malta.

Opportunities for foreign business in Malta:

  • Low cost of starting a business;
  • A favorable tax rate;
  • Tax and financial benefits;
  • Effective human resources;
  • The simple procedure for changing the domicile in Malta;
  • Prospects for business development;
  • Reliable Telecommunications;
  • Strategic Geographical Location;
  • Economic and political stability;
  • Modern equipment for cargo handling and distribution;
  • Highly skilled workforce;
  • Safe and enjoyable lifestyle, rich in cultural events and entertainment;
  • Excellent business reputation for companies with a local address of incorporation;
  • The best corporate business support services.