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Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Bucket List: 4 Best Activities For Adventure Lovers

Lush landscapes, vibrant surf culture, and a bohemian, laidback lifestyle – that’s Santa Teresa.

Lounging by a private pool in a luxury suite with occasional plunges into the ocean sounds like a dream, especially if you’re on your honeymoon, or a digital detox trip. But what if you’re not the type who can do that for more than two days? What if you’re craving adventure? Santa Teresa offers you the best of both worlds. In addition to its pristine beaches and jaw-dropping landscapes, the area is known for an abundance of outdoor activities, such as surfing, hiking, beach picnics, boat trips, wildlife reserves, and horseback riding.

A recent report from Bon Traveler shows that Santa Teresa ranks among the top tourist destinations in Costa Rica. If you too are drawn by its bohemian ambiance, surf culture, lush natural environment, and pura vide lifestyle, it can become your personal paradise.

Gigi Brown Beachfront Santa Teresa, a boutique hotel, recommends four adventures for you to cross off your bucket list:

A canopy tour

If you haven’t ziplined through the jungle, you haven’t been to Costa Rica. A popular tour in the Santa Teresa area is the Malpais Canopy Tour. With 8 cables, a suspension bridge, and a Tarzan swing, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean and the Cabo Blanco National Park – and you’ll see monkeys on the way! There is even a zipline with a surfboard. If that’s not flying, it’s as close as it gets.


The rugged coastline of the Nicoya Peninsula attracts surfers of all skill levels from all over the world. Once a remote fishing village, Santa Teresa has become a surfing hotspot in the past few years, with numerous surf camps, rental shops, and restaurants with a boho ambiance to chill at. There are several surf spots, from Manzanillo in the North to Mal Pais in the South, but locals say Playa Carmen, La Lora, and Playa Hermosa are the best surfing beaches in Santa Teresa. You can surf in Costa Rica pretty much all year round, but the biggest swells arrive from May to November.


Imagine yourself on a deserted island with white sand and calm azure water… When you visit Tortuga Island, you’ll be surprised how similar it is to your dream tropical paradise. The island is just a 45-minute boat ride away from Santa Teresa, and you’ll be able to see dolphins and even humpback whales on the way. During your full-day tour, you get to snorkel for 2 hours among volcanic rock reefs before enjoying a BBQ lunch on the beach. Get your waterproof camera ready and see if you can spot manta rays, turtles, and octopuses, in addition to tons of exotic fish.

Horse Riding

If you love horses, horseback riding tours will be another essential part of your Costa Rica experience. You’ll soak up the sun at pristine beaches, explore the jungle wildlife, and marvel at panoramic mountain views. Tours are available for beginners, families with children, and experienced riders, so whether you want to trot or gallop, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself. And after this tour, you’ll become a globe-trotter – literally!

Did you know that the Nicoya Peninsula is one of the world’s five Blue Zones? These are geographical areas where people live longer than anywhere else and have low rates of chronic diseases. Is it the ecology, the food, or the pura vida philosophy? We don’t really know. But if your vacation has come to an end and you decided to stay, well, forever, we can’t blame you!

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