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From Robert Downey Jr. to Simu Liu: Why is DITA the celeb eyewear of choice?

From Robert Downey Jr. to Simu Liu, Hollywood (and especially MCU) is in love with DITA sunglasses – but why? And who should you copy?

Spring is coming! Unlike winter it is not Whitewalkers it brings, but sunshine. And sunshine is great – everyone likes sunshine. Just make sure to put on sunscreen – this is not the sun we grew up with. It’s also important to protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses. But which ones should you get? Obviously, quality should come first – make sure that whatever you’re getting has all the UV protection and whatnot. Then, of course, make sure you look amazing in them.

And if you need inspiration, you can always turn to celebrities and see what’s popular – which sunglasses are Hollywood A-listers wearing in 2024.

Yes, that’s what we’re talking about today: DITA sunglasses, as popularized by Robert Downey Jr., Cate Blanchett, and as it turns many more MCU stars.

Why Are DITA Sunglasses All The Rage Among Celebs?

Sure, it may look like DITA sunglasses appeared just a few years ago – but that’s far from the truth. The brand has been around since 1995 and they’ve been setting the standards for luxury eyewear from the beginning. Now, they’re setting the trends, too.

What makes them so special? In the simplest terms: quality.

How familiar are you with the glasses industry? Do you know that the highest quality glasses are made in Japan? And yes, it is in part due to their meticulous manufacturing process, but it’s also thanks to their high-quality materials. For example, DITA glasses are made with light-grade beta-titanium and high-quality Japanese acetate – the two materials that make their glasses lightweight, durable, and beautiful.

Quality craftsmanship and innovative designs made DITA one of the most popular luxury eyewear brands – popular enough for Hollywood’s A-listers.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Iconic Avengers: Infinity War Shades

You can’t talk about DITA sunglasses and not mention Robert Downey Jr. The DITA sunglasses he sported in Avengers: Infinity War became synonymous with the Iron Man actor. There are so many articles on the internet talking about the DITA FLIGHT.006 7806 and “where to get Tony Stark’s sunglasses“.

That same pair was also worn by Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, in Spider-Man: Far From Home – now with a new moniker E.D.I.T.H.

While donning a pair won’t grant you access to the Stark Industries Satellite, you will without a doubt look great – and, if you run into other nerds, have a conversation starter literally on your face. (Er… wait do we [nerds] want that?)

Sam Smith, Kevin Hart & Simu Liu are Bringing Retro Back

If the Tony Stark glasses are a bit much for your style – if you prefer a more classic look, then perhaps DITA STATESMAN is the right model for you.

This retro frame was sported by Sam Smith and Kevin Hart – and honestly, it’s a timeless classic. You really can’t go wrong with this pair – it’s elegant, it’s simple, but it still makes you look like a rockstar… or a comedian. (Has anyone ever wanted to look like a comedian?)

Another pair that perfectly pulls off the modern twist on a beloved classic is the DITA FLIGHT.009 DTS409-A – worn by the Barbie and MCU actor Simu Liu. The black frame and amber lenses combo looks amazing.

Cate Blanchett’s Power Suit & Shades Masterclass

Known for serving looks in power suits both on and off screen, Cate Blanchett (or Hela from Thor: Ragnarok), unsurprisingly, also has great taste when it comes to sunglasses. One model she’s worn in the Ocean’s 8 movie is the DITA Mach-Two DRX-2031 – which is perfect if you’re looking for an elegant pair of aviators.

You can choose between Black Gold with Gradient Brown lenses, which Cate wore in the movie, and Matte Black Gold with G-15 Gradient lenses. Both look cool, but make sure you pick the pair that goes best with your hair color, skin tone, style, etc.

Natalie Portman Twinning with Nicki Minaj in DITA Sunglasses

The Star Wars and MCU star Natalie Portman also sported a pair of DITA sunglasses. (In case you’re wondering that’s five MCU actors wearing DITA shades, just on this list – there could be more.) Portman, who played Jane Foster in the MCU, donned the DITA NARCISSUS DTS503-58 – an oversized square-shaped frame which is all the rage in 2024, or so I hear. (Boy, I’ve spent too much time researching eyewear…)

Popular rapper Nicki Minaj was pictured wearing the same pair of glasses – and I gotta say, Natalie Portman and Nicki Minaj twinning was not on my bingo card…

DITA: A Popular Brand Made Even More Popular by Popular Celebs

DITA sunglasses were popular before Hollywood “made” them popular. The brand has been around for years and is known for quality craftsmanship, unique designs, and luxury status.

But it sure didn’t hurt that A-listers sported DITA models in movies, TV shows, album covers, red carpet events, and everywhere else.

Are they expensive? Absolutely. Are they also worth the investment? Well, that’s for you to decide. Before you do – see the most popular DITA sunglasses for men and women.

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