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Ron Book Demonstrates How To Participate Democracy

Ron Book understands that his role as a citizen reaches beyond the voting booth. As a lobbyist-lawyer, he represents non-profit organizations, businesses, and local governments to advocate for policy reform. Book merges his legislative expertise with his passion for philanthropy through his involvement in the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust and Lauren’s Kids Foundation.

Ron Book Seeks to End Homelessness

For over 25 years, Ron Book has been dedicated to improving the lives of children and families experiencing homelessness in Miami-Dade County. He currently serves as Chairman of Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust, the agency lead in ending homelessness in the Broward community. The Trust oversees a $66 million budget for over 120 housing and service programs including the expansion of permanent housing for 135 households. Under Book’s leadership, the Trust was awarded National Best Practice Model multiple times.

During the pandemic, Ron visited seven homeless shelters from Miami to Homestead to honor the hard work of shelter employees and volunteers. Ron celebrated their heroic efforts, including the testing of over 24,000 homeless individuals for COVID-19 and rapid vaccine distribution. For Homeless Awareness Day, he initiated conversations with politicians to pass meaningful legislation that establishes more resources for individuals experiencing homelessness. In February of 2022, Book led a collaboration between the Trust and The Miami Foundation to fund permanent housing facilities for especially vulnerable populations including unsheltered single adults with special needs and senior citizens.

Ron Book Fights for Childhood Sexual Abuse Legislation

When Ron Book learned, two decades ago, that his daughter Lauren Book survived years of sexual and emotional abuse from their in-home nanny, he became a tireless advocate for childhood sexual abuse prevention and recovery. With his daughter, he helped found Lauren’s Kids, a non-profit organization providing in school curricula to educate students about child sexual abuse.

Since 2003, Ron Book and his daughter have championed over 25 legislative victories to safeguard Florida children and families from childhood sexual abuse. Their advocacy has dramatically shaped Florida legislation including:

  • A statewide fund for Sexual Assault Centers, ensuring all Floridians have access to quality sexual assault treatment and counselors
  • Creation of Children’s Safety Zone that prohibits convicted offenders deom being within 300 feet of a school, school bus stop, parks or similar locations where children typically congregate.
  • A HIV Testing Law that entitles victims to a timely HIV test of their accused perpetrator

Ronald L. Book

Since graduating with his J.D. from Tulane University, Ron Book has served as a tireless advocate for Floridians during his career in the Florida State Legislature. His firm, Ronald L. Book, P.A., earns high praise from clients for being dedicated, knowledgeable, and credible. Ron Book is a good-standing member of the Florida Bar and a licensed lobbyist in the Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists. In addition to his leadership roles in the M Network and Lauren’s Kids, Ron Book has worked with over 20 charitable organizations, including Best Buddies, the Mourning Family Foundation, and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.