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“PhoenixTB” Pioneering in Online Trading with Recognition from the MSIC

Zurich, Switzerland – July 21, 2023 – “PhoenixTB” has been recognized by the Market Securities Insurance Commission (MSIC) for its unwavering dedication to providing a secure, transparent, and compliant trading environment. This acknowledgement further solidifies “PhoenixTB’s” position as a trustworthy and reliable broker within the financial industry.

The Market Securities Insurance Commission is a well-respected organization that has been instrumental in resolving Crypto and Blockchain-related cases for over eight years. With its panel of experts and professionals, the commission has established itself as an independent governing body, setting industry standards and implementing a rigorous broker verification process.

“PhoenixTB’s” recognition by the Market Securities Insurance Commission speaks volumes about its commitment to pushing the boundaries of industry regulations and elevating compliance standards to new heights. The platform strives to safeguard the interests of its users and foster a secure and trustworthy trading environment, setting a new benchmark for other online trading platforms.

“PhoenixTB” puts user protection first by adhering to industry-leading compliance practices. The platform’s strict implementation of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies ensure that only legitimate entities engage in trading activities, thus maintaining a secure and transparent trading environment.

Moreover, the platform goes the extra mile to protect user information by adopting state-of-the-art security protocols, including robust data encryption during transmission and fortified storage practices. Additionally, “PhoenixTB” offers users an additional layer of account protection through industry-standard SSL certificates and two-factor authentication (2FA).

“PhoenixTB’s” recognition by the Market Securities Insurance Commission underscores its position as a trusted broker within the online trading industry. The platform’s dedication to the highest security, compliance, and integrity standards empowers traders to engage in trading activities with complete peace of mind.

About “PhoenixTB”

“PhoenixTB” is a leading online trading platform that provides traders with a comprehensive range of options, including CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and forex. Driven by innovation, the platform offers an advanced trading interface, intuitive navigation, and seamless integration with cutting-edge trading tools. “PhoenixTB” sets the standard for compliance by upholding industry regulations and maintaining the highest levels of security and transparency for its users.

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