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Khatabook Reveals Insights From Coimbatore & Poultry Farms To Unleash SME Potential

Bengaluru, India, July 15, 2023 – When looking for business ideas, you will come across several suggestions and tips, get different advice, and more information than you know what to do with.

Depending on who you are asking, almost every idea will be promoted as the best and capable of making you successful. As an aspiring business owner, finding and selecting the most suitable option is your job.

The possibility and some interesting tidbits 

If you are going through the possible ideas and options phase, whether for your first-ever business venture or the next one, poultry business is one option to consider. Every time you eat bird meat or eggs, you may not be thinking about the logistics of the business, but knowing that the poultry business contributes to 1.2% of India’s GDP will definitely catch your attention.

A little more information on the poultry business 

So, now that the numbers are being highlighted, it is clear that the poultry business has a lot of potential. Hence, making a poultry farm business plan will be an excellent, wise, and promising beginning for your next adventure.

Poultry meat and eggs are highly popular and effective protein sources, and people prefer them over other animal proteins. The poultry business deals with different livestock, such as chicken, geese, turkeys, and more.

Why should you begin a poultry business? 

Below are some of the reasons why starting a poultry business is going to be a wise decision for you:

  1. The sector is a rapidly growing one and currently has a value of more than 80,000 crore rupees
  2. It is a popular business at the moment, and the government is launching various campaigns to help the sector and business
  3. You do not require a lot of knowledge or expertise to begin and can continue to gather hands-on experience while working with the birds
  4. Beginning won’t require a lot of investment, and you can choose to deal with either meat or eggs or both
  5. The demand for the product is very high; you won’t have to worry about earning a profit or wait a long time for the same
  6. You won’t need many people to begin the business
  7. Investment won’t be very tough, as you can secure loans for the business

The different areas of poultry business for you to explore and choose from 

There are several areas of the poultry business, and you can begin with one and continue to expand along with time, success, and availability of resources. For example, there are the following areas of poultry business:

  1. Meat production
  2. Egg production
  3. Poultry feed production
  4. Processing meat and eggs
  5. Packaging the products and managing the livestock
  6. Manufacturing equipment required for the poultry farms

You can begin with any of these options, provided you have the necessary paperwork, financial resource, and manpower to handle the business properly. Before beginning, though, deciding on the area you wish to focus on at the moment is essential.

This is because if you are dealing only with meat, eggs, or both, then your approach and preparation would include certain things. If, on the other hand, you wish to begin with poultry feed or packaging or manufacturing farm equipment, your preparation has to be different.

Lessons to learn from manufacturing companies 

In every business, you need to learn the ropes, and it is not that every scrap of knowledge you acquire will be from the industry you are working in. Sometimes, other industries and businesses will help you in ways you never considered.

If you are to manufacture the equipment used in poultry farms, then the manufacturing companies in Coimbatore will have a lot of tips and details to share. By observing and learning from these companies, you can prepare a business strategy that will propel you toward success, helping your venture fulfill all the goals you set for it. The lessons you can learn from the best manufacturing companies are:

  1. Setting up the goals beforehand and then creating the strategies to achieve them
  2. Being careful of your finances, including the use of financial resources
  3. Focusing on the quality of the products you are selling
  4. Becoming the best takes time, and you will have to be patient for that
  5. You need proper professional assistance to manage the finances of your company
  6. You should not compromise the quality of the raw materials
  7. Having good relationships with both employees and clients will be beneficial for you

In conclusion 

Amongst all these tips, suggestions, and advice, it is clear that focusing on the financial aspects of your business is one of the critical points for your success.

You need help from experienced professionals or a suitable app. A business management app with easy tracking of your finances will ease your burden further. So, you should focus on finding a suitable app and help your business grow.


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