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Mobile product support: life after release

Often, having developed a mobile application, it is very difficult to understand what is next. To do this, there are special analytics tools that we can customize to suit your needs and collect any data you are interested in.

Need for support

One of the specializations of ronasit is service applications for self-service clients of financial, insurance and telecommunications companies. And there are some specifics. These companies have their own customer service departments that handle the first wave of user questions and complaints. Post-release support for such applications requires an increased level of service provision, which is tied to the level of service of the customer company.

Application Support Services

  • Application technical support
  • Support for applications on new versions of operating systems and devices
  • Correction of errors in the application
  • Development of a mobile application
  • Expansion of the current functionality, as well as the development of a new one.
  • Publishing updates to the AppStore and Google Play
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the application
  • UX audit, formation and testing of hypotheses, optimization of user scenarios.
  • Work on improving Retention, DAU, MAU indicators

Instant response

Troubleshooting in the event of a force majeure situation in the mobile application:


  1. Unavailability of the application and its functions for users
  2. Leakage of information and user data


To track such problems, technical support provides automatic monitoring of the main metrics of the health and protection of the mobile application; in the event of an emergency situation, technical support employees immediately block actions that disrupt the work process and eliminate the cause of force majeure.

Ongoing monitoring and health assurance

For large, highly loaded mobile applications, this type of technical support is provided as part of a subscription service. In such projects, there is always a serious amount of improvements and innovations that require the constant work of a team of specialists: improvements when updating devices or OS, eliminating application crashes, working with negative feedback from the target audience on the application’s functionality.


To reduce the cost of development, clients often turn to freelancers. There is nothing wrong with this, but very rarely such developers agree to support after the program is published. Ronasit, as a permanent agency, offers technical support and maintenance of the application on all necessary platforms.


The criterion for the success of the work is the release of a new product, in our case, the next version of the application. This work includes: planning, creating, release release. Each version is based on two main criteria: bug fixes and new feature additions. This work of the company must be constantly carried out by partners, correcting bugs in time and attracting new users. Another advantage of them is that they specialize in marketing and know all the intricacies of product promotion.