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How long does it typically take to install a bathroom?

renovating a bathroom in Dublin

Bathroom remodelling can be a time-consuming and physically demanding undertaking. Now, you may be asking how long it takes to install a complete new bathroom suite. What follows is an in-depth discussion of how long it takes to put in a full bathroom. Since the installation of a new suite will interfere with your ability to utilise the facilities as usual, it’s in your best interest to plan each step carefully to minimise the downtime.

Setting a reasonable schedule for when you or the bathroom installers will be working will help a great deal with tension. This timescale can vary based on factors such as the homeowner’s prior bathroom-fitting experience and the accessibility of the necessary experts, such as Bathroom Experts in Dublin (click here to find out more).

A number of elements must be taken into account, all of which will affect how fast (or slowly) your bathroom can be finished. We’ve broken down every step, from who will be doing the work to whether or not you can do it yourself, so you can get ready for anything in advance. Read on for a breakdown of how long it should take to install a bathroom.

What to Think About Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

There are many moving parts to think about while organising a bathroom remodel. If you want to know how long does it take to install a new bathroom, you shouldn’t skim over the details. To help you estimate how long it will take to construct your bathroom, we’ve included some important considerations and helpful data below. To have an accurate estimation of how long a job like installing a new shower or tiling would take, it’s important to think about how long each step will take.

Just what is it that’s getting fitted?

To answer the question of how long it will take to install a bathroom suite, it is necessary to consider the many components involved. This may seem obvious, but the final price of a bathroom remodel will depend on a number of factors. The length of time it takes to set up a shower depends on a number of factors, such as the complexity of the enclosure, the shower head, and the extraction fans. Vinyl flooring and specialised wall coverings might also take a considerable amount of time. If you aren’t clear about what has to be installed in the bathroom from the start, even if the bathroom installer you hire is very skilled, you may run into delays.

If you need to replace some of the fixtures in a room, it’s a good idea to make a list of everything that needs to fit into the space. This will give you a more accurate time frame for when the entire bathroom will be finished. You may already have several of these items lined up and ready to go in your new apartment:






A/C hood



You can’t get an accurate timeline without taking into account every single fixture and fitting. Installing a new tub or shower and waiting for grout to dry are two of the most time-consuming renovation projects.

Set aside time for each of the aforementioned tasks (and whatever else you need to get done in your bathroom). If you need help with any of the tasks listed above, it’s best to bring it up with the appropriate expert who can provide a cost estimate and estimated completion date.

After this is complete, you can continue on to more detailed planning, such as deciding exactly where to put each necessity. The plumber on the job should be consulted if the plumbing is to be relocated. New bathtubs, lavatories, showers, and sinks can often make use of the preexisting plumbing structure. In the absence of proper training and experience, no one should ever touch an electrical system. Never attempt to tackle electrical wiring without first consulting qualified electricians.


Who will be responsible for installing your new bathroom? While it takes about 5 days to install a bathroom on average, that time frame can increase or decrease depending on the size of the space. The work of professional bathroom fitters is swift, but there are instances when doing the job yourself can save a significant amount of money. A new bathroom installation might seem like a huge undertaking, but it is certainly doable.

Framing, plumbing, wiring, flooring, walls, cabinets, countertops, shower/tub fitting, basin installation, toilet installation, painting, and trimming are just some of the many jobs required to equip your new bathroom. There is some variation in the expense of having each completed by fitters, but when cost and time are taken into account, most consumers opt to engage specialists.

Bathroom renovations, including plastering and tiling, can be time-consuming, which could impact your availability at your current job.

When remodelling a bathroom, many people turn to professionals because they just don’t have the time to do it themselves due to their other commitments. Even more so if your property has only one bathroom, professional help will be required to avoid a lengthy disruption in service.

If you are not sure of your abilities, it is best to hire a professional to handle any bathroom projects you may have. Although the initial outlay required to employ skilled builders and other tradespeople may be discouraging, the additional cost is always justified by the end result.


Will the location of the new bathroom be different from that of the current one? In that case, you might need to hire a plumber to do some extra work and a tiler to redo the floor. Installing a bathroom suite can take longer than expected because of the wide variety of sizes and configurations available. Make sure you have a clear plan for your new bathroom by writing down everything that has to be done.

When you have a detailed plan of what needs to be done in the bathroom, you can draw up an accurate floor plan and determine new placements for anything that needs to be moved. It’s a given that you’ll save time and effort if your new bathroom is going to have a comparable layout to the old one and won’t require any major structural changes.

Once you have determined where the new locations for the bathtub, basins, and toilet will be, you can start making precise time predictions. The following step in your preparations should include a review of estimated times of completion for individual components of the improvements.

Numerous tasks need to be completed, including employing plasterers and other tradespeople like a plumber, and installing the flooring, countertops, and sink. When designing a new bathroom, this step might be one of the more time-consuming ones due to the many technical and functional considerations that must be made. To keep the job on track, plan out how long it will take to set up the new bathroom.

In what time frame can a shower be installed?

Now comes the fun part, when you get to put in all your shiny new bathroom fixtures. There must be a shower enclosure in every bathroom, and after that has been chosen, the plumbing may be installed. Installation of a new shower tray typically takes roughly 8 hours, including the time needed to replace the shower unit and the time needed to install the switch and tile.

It may be necessary to have a plumber make adjustments to the water supply in order to use the shower enclosure of your choice. Depending on the scope of the project, this could need a lot of manual labour, so it’s best to look for a skilled professional to do it.

The time required to install a bathtub.

The tub is the showpiece of any bathroom, but installing one is a laborious process. There will be a wide variety of jobs to do, from installing the faucets in the bathroom to tiling the walls and floors. Removing the tiles is a DIY project for the bathtub remodel, but hiring a professional is recommended if you don’t want to risk damaging the walls.

When installing a new bathroom, tiling can be one of the most time-consuming tasks, taking several days or more if the walls need extensive repair. Plastering over damaged walls is a common maintenance task. Especially if the original plaster has been broken, this may be the case.

Also, the grouting between each tile must be spot-on for the project to be considered finished. The time required to tile a room might increase significantly if the floor is being tiled as well as the walls.

After the tiles are in, the tub may be installed. Even if you have no trouble installing the bath itself, you may need to run pipes for accessories like faucets. Again, you can always bring in the pros for assistance if you feel that you just can’t do it alone.

When do you think you could finish tiling the bathroom?

When done properly, tiling a bathroom might take a whole day. But that depends on how big it is in general. Laying tiles on the floor and walls of a standard family bathroom can take up to six hours. The time it takes to tile a bathroom can also be affected by the tile itself, as different tile cuts need for varying degrees of expertise.

You should hire a tiler to do the task for you if you have no idea how to tile. If you take the time to properly prepare the walls, tiling them can be a quick and easy project. Plastering to a high standard is not easy, especially for those who have never done it before.

Selecting a tiler to complete the job for you is the best option if you want a perfectly tiled space. You’ll be able to walk into your newly renovated bathroom and feel pleased of the walls you’ve created.

When installing a new bathroom suite, how much should one expect to pay?

The total cost to install a new bathroom can vary widely based on factors such as the amount of labour involved and the number of specialised professionals needed. Online resources can provide you with ballpark figures for the various tasks involved in a bathroom installation and the associated costs. While ballpark figures can be helpful, it’s best to get an accurate estimate.

For this, you may need to get in touch with a number of service providers and inquire as to their level of expertise and availability with regards to bathroom installation. The majority of the time, you will need to hire many specialists for the numerous tasks that need to be done in a building, but some builders have “crossover skills,” meaning they can do everything from tiling to electrical work.

There’s no need to hurry from the floor to the show booth. There is some leeway in the time required to construct a new bathroom, but plan on spending at least a week doing it. Depending on the materials and labour you select for the room, the price can range from less than €1111 (a budget cost) to more than €11,111.

If you’re going to hire professionals to help you remodel your bathroom, you should make a detailed list of everything that needs to be done. Our advice is to look around and see what fits your needs the best.

Even though the initial investment may seem costly, updating a bathroom is one of the most useful rooms in the house and will pay dividends for years to come. Employ a professional if you want a high-quality result with every facet. Procrastinating on tasks like this guarantees you’ll lose out in the long run.