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The Creators Game: Mech.com is Giving Power Back To The Player

NEW YORK, NY / September 13th, 2022 /  The thriving, independent, Web3 gaming company Mech.com, led by industry vets Trey Smith and Kyle Klemmer, are bullish on the benefits their no-code gaming engine will bring to the industry. Smith, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, will be making his way to NYC late September for the Mainnet conference with co-founder Kyle Klemmer to discuss the future of Web3 gaming.

Smith and Klemmer are no strangers to the gaming industry. The pair took the leap into Web3 from the Web2 gaming industry after the success of Smith’s first gaming company called Buildbox. This shift happened shortly after Smith sold the no-code gaming engine in 2019. During his reign at Buildbox, Trey Smith and his team grossed over 1 billion downloads from games created by the users. The obvious next steps for Smith was to merge the successful blueprint behind Buildbox with the technology most Web3 projects are currently building off of, and that concept that led to the creation of Mech.com.

According to Klemmer, ‘the technology in the Web3 space provides true ownership to the creators and the technology behind our game encompasses this.’ Mech.com offers an immersive, powerful experience for players to participate in a web-based battlefield game. The Web3 game is built in the photorealistic proprietary technology and gives gamers the chance to collect, earn and deploy in-game assets within a fast-paced battle. One of the most notable aspects of Mech.com is their creator tools. The creator tools allow players to have full control of everything they acquire, collect, modify, and build which they can ultimately monetize off. This new aged utility allows for the holders to gain revenue in tandem with the founders.

The ability for a holder to purchase, level up, then trade or sell their NFTs with other players is the future of Web3 gaming. For the first time in industry, the money a player is spending on transactions within a game isn’t solely going to the development team. This utility sets Mech.com apart from the pack of cash grabs within the space, and paves the way to a new form of Web3 technology that benefits the creator just as much as the developers. 

Mech Inc. has proudly sold out all eight NFT drops as well as all three land sales they launched this past summer. If you are going to be in NYC during September 22-24th and you would like to meet the dynamic duo behind Mech.com please let us know. We would love to set-up a private meeting between you and the founders.


Mech.com is a community-focused Metaverse PVE and PVP game built-on the Polygon blockchain with the premise that ‘fun comes first’ with a crypto casual gaming mindset. Mech is built entirely through Mech Inc.’s proprietary no-code gaming engine referred to as creator tools. Creator tools allow players an easy way to become creators within the Mech ecosystem. Allowing for the creation of in-game NFTs and even their own mini games. Mech’s sole focus for its community is to build the most exciting, repayable, and profitable Web3 game on the market for players and holders. Learn more about Mech here and follow them on twitter or discord to stay up to date on announcements.

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