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How to improve the productivity of a workday

Being productive at work can be really hard. Every organisation tries to cut out their expenses to run profitably. However, much of this depends upon how productive their workforce is.

Improving productivity on a workday requires no special list of qualities, rather it requires some habits that help employees to utilise their day in the most efficient manner. Here, we bring you the 5 most effective ways to improve the productivity of a workday.

Ways to improve productivity

1. Time Management

Many people don’t take care of what their workday looks like. To increase productivity, the foremost requirement is time management. Everyone has got limited work hours and the goal is to make the best use of them. For better time management, it is always better to plan the day and schedule job tasks. Keeping a check on what needs to be done and how much time every task will take, along with making some room for uncertainties is all that can help employees efficiently utilize their workday.

2. The Efficiency of the 90/20 rule

Breaks are as much a part of increasing productivity, as working well. In most organizations, taking breaks is often seen as wasting precious time of a regular work day, but the unpopular opinion is that taking breaks is an essential element of increasing productivity. Breaks at regular intervals help in improving focus on the tasks. For this, employees shall try the 90/20 rule. This rule says, for every 90 minutes of work, you must take 20 minutes of break. This helps you come back to work concentrated and all fresh. Overall, it decreases the time taken for tasks while enhancing the efficiency of employees.

3. Go for stand-up meetings

Stand-up meetings are short and quick meetings where attendees literally participate in standing up. Such meetings are meant to keep the conversation right on topic without wasting any time. As they are for a short duration, often 15 minutes or less, during which employees report the status of their work, they help in removing all the fluff of extended meetings. With this, employers can keep the check on tasks of every employee while making clear what needs to be done next.

4. Technology Deployment

Technology is for convenience, so why not use it for increasing productivity? According to Gartner, 56% of CEOs indicate that digital technologies helped them achieve progress and enabled them to improve their profits. With management software, accounting software, glass software, etc, you can automate most business activities. It helps in better communication, giving clarity in work, invoicing, coordinating suppliers, customer management, etc. In a glass business, technology plays an important role in simplifying day-to-day affairs. Businesses can have real-time updates on their mobile phones or other devices for convenient management.

5. Set small goals and follow result oriented approach

Most businesses set an end goal that overwhelms everyone in the organization. Therefore, it is always better to break the long-term goals into small ones and set deadlines for each small goal. It gives everyone a clear picture of what to do next rather than looking at the long road and being stressed about it. Every action in the organization should be focused on achieving the next target to reach the end goal. To ensure this, tasks must be designed to move one step forward toward the desired result. It helps employees to track their performance and work efficiently on a regular basis.


The productivity of a business and its employees is a subjective concept. It can vary from person to person. Despite this, the stated ways can help businesses run exceptionally well while employees can make the best of their work day. Apart from these, you shall also adopt monotasking, staying away from distractions, fighting procrastination, and having the willpower to improve the productivity of your workday, for real.

Happy Working!