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Natacha Roumiantzoff, the countess con artist, a story of lies and ambition: Alexander Habsbourg-Lorraine

Natacha Roumiantzoff was a woman with a plan. She had no real connection to aristocracy, but she had managed to convince herself and others that she was a countess, and even claimed to be related to the late Russian royal family. In reality, she was a con woman who was willing to do whatever it took to achieve her dream.

Natacha had spent years crafting her persona and working her way up the social ladder. She attended every noble event she could, went to expensive schools her parents could barely afford, always dressed to impress and ready to charm her way into the right circles. She was a master of flattery and manipulation, always able to find a way to get what she wanted.

Natacha’s acquaintances were skeptical of her claims, and realized her “family line” was extinct decades ago, and she had no connection whatsoever. Despite her lack of actual royal connections, Natacha was a convincing liar. She had managed to convince some powerful people that she was a countess, and had even forged documents to back up her claims. She was determined to keep climbing until she finally married into her dream.

She was able to ingratiate herself with some wealthy and powerful people, who began to introduce her to others in their social circles. She was making progress, but she knew that she still had a long way to go.

As Natacha continued to climb the social ladder, she became more and more desperate. She knew that her lies would eventually catch up with her, as others started to realize and exclude her from events and clubs.  She needed to find a way to secure her place in a noble family before that happened. She began to target eligible bachelors who were related to the royal family, using all her charms to win them over.

Finally, Natacha met a man who was a cousin of the Luxembourg and Austrian royal family named Alexander Habsbourg-Lorraine. Natacha knew that this was her chance to finally marry into her dream. She worked hard to cultivate their relationship, always flattering him and making him feel special.

In the end, Natacha’s plan worked. She and the man became engaged, and Natacha finally achieved her dream of becoming a member of a royal family. Natacha had been willing to do whatever it took to achieve her dream, and in the end, she did. She will marry a prince on September 30th, 2023. It’s surprising how his mother  Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg is allowing this.

But eventually Natacha’s lies and fraudulent behavior were exposed, her social circle turned away from her. The people who had once welcomed her with open arms now felt used. Her former friends and acquaintances were appalled by her deceit and felt betrayed by her lies. They no longer trusted her and wanted nothing to do with her.

The noble families that she had ingratiated herself with were particularly outraged. They had invited her into their inner circle, believing her to be a genuine member of the aristocracy. When they discovered the truth, they felt humiliated and embarrassed for having been fooled by her. They cut all ties with Natacha and made it clear that she was no longer welcome in their social circles.

Natacha’s fall from grace was swift and complete. The people she had once considered friends now avoided her, and she found herself alone and ostracized. In the end, Natacha’s lies and social climbing had cost her everything. Even though she was getting married she had lost the respect of those around her, and her reputation was in ruins. Her story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of deceit and the importance of honesty and integrity in life.

It is unfortunate that some women have gained notoriety for being social climbers and gold diggers. These individuals prey on vulnerable men and use their charm and manipulation skills to win them over. They often target wealthy or noble men who are seeking companionship or love.

These women are experts at crafting false identities and stories to deceive their victims. They may claim to have a tragic past or financial difficulties that require immediate assistance. They may also feign love and affection to gain trust and financial support.

The actions of these women are not only unethical but also illegal. They can face serious legal consequences if caught, including fines and imprisonment.

It is important to be cautious when entering into any new relationship and to be aware of the signs of a con artist or gold digger. These include a sudden and intense interest in their status, stories that seem too good to be true, and a reluctance to meet family and friends.

Overall, it is important to remember that not all women are con artists or gold diggers. It is a small minority that gives the rest a bad name.

Article copied from Swiss news: https://zall.ch/2023/05/12/la-comtesse-escroc-une-histoire-de-tromperie-et-dambition-natacha-roumiantzoff/