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How To Get Video Marketing To Work For You

There’s a reason why TikTok and Youtube are two of the fastest growing social media platforms in today’s landscape. Video appeals to us because humans are extremely visual creatures. It’s easy for us to absorb information when it’s delivered in an engaging method – for now, it’s all about motion. But before you jump into researching the cost of YouTube ads, take some time to research how you can get video marketing to work for you.

Is your product or service video-friendly?

Let’s face it, every product is marketable. It just depends on how creative your marketer is. The same can be said for video. There are products or services that are camera friendly. Take for example, cosmetics. You can get celebrities or local social media influencers to endorse your products and use it in their makeup tutorials. But if you’re selling processed food, you might need to come up with something a little different in order to engage your audience. There’s a niche for everything, you just have to create it (or find it). The most important part of video marketing is to commit to it because if you’re going to be posting just one video a month, unless it’s some stellar Nat Geo standard, it’s not going to stand out.

Don’t break the bank for a Hollywoodesque video

There’s no need for you to go above and beyond, hiring the best script writers or the best directors. If you notice, most viral videos are spur-of-the-moment things that happen at the right place, at the right time. The younger generation, which is the largest marketable demographic, are less bothered by quality of the video itself and more concerned about the quality of the content. They want real and relatable content, which is why it’s more important to strike a chord than to invest in the best camera on the market.

Put your money into promotion

Post boosting is something that you shouldn’t skimp on. At the end of the day, companies like Facebook and TikTok are the game that you need to play in order to come out on top. Their algorithms are out of this world and they will be able to show your ad to people who are most likely to click through and buy, provided you pay for their services. It isn’t just showing your ad to as many people as you want, but showing your ad to people who the algorithm knows will be able to meet the client’s (your) expectations.

Don’t be afraid to share

There’s no such thing as oversharing. Post your video on all your social media accounts, go to forums and link to it as long as it’s relevant – because there’s nothing that anyone hates more than blatant self-promotion, unless you’re a huge corporation like Cola or Nike, in which case, anyone would be glad to be noticed by them. Just keep building your brand and post consistently relatable content… you’ll get there.