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What is the production of silicone compression moulding?

Baring (unvulcanized) silicone rubber is formed into a predetermined shape using the industrial process known as silicone molding.

This uncured silicone rubber substance will be sandwiched between two parts of a heated tool mould in a process known as compression moulding.

The vulcanizer moulding machine subsequently applies a top force to close the mould. The silicone material will be forced into touch with every part of the mould cavity by the high pressure.

The procedure is also referred to as silicone vulcanization since the pressure and heat will continue for a few minutes again until raw material is entirely cured. The moulded silicone components will be demolded, together with the surplus material we refer to as flash.

Liquid silicon rubber moulding (LSR)

Nice Rapid specialised in creating unique silicone products and unique silicone moulds as the expert liquid silicone rubber moulding (LSR) producer and offered comprehensive solutions. We can produce LSR parts to your needs of the company in a limitless number of sizes, shapes, colours, and configurations thanks to our sophisticated silicone injection moulding capabilities. The maker of silicone items, Nice Rapid, offers the answer if you need a unique part for marketing, product performance testing, or fit.

Abilities of LSR Injection Molding Technology Production

Numerous sectors, including the automotive, medical, aerospace, baby care, broad heavy industries, electronics, and a number of other specialised ones, use liquid silicone rubber moulding in hundreds of different ways. Nice The maker of rapid silicone moulds is able to offer customers quick, high-quality service and a commitment to their pleasure with custom silicone moulding. Our staff of LSR injection moulding specialists can offer services ranging from high-precision component prototyping to mass production. Please get in touch with us.

Nice Silicone Cushion

Custom silicone seat cushions and various silicone cushion series are Rapid’s primary areas of business. You may confidently buy and utilise custom silicone moulding since it is a certified product that satisfies national quality standards. It resists water, stress, corrosion, ageing, and wear and tear well.

To protect safety and health, choose environmentally friendly silicone raw materials with non-toxic and odorous substances. Strong hardness, resistance to abrasion, resistance to wear, strong extrusion force, and resistance to wear and tearing are all characteristics of silicone. Long service life, resistance to ageing, and no fading.

Silicone Bottle & Cup

Everybody must drink water in their daily lives, so a drinking cup is a need. Numerous materials, including glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and others, are used to make water cups. Among them, stainless steel mugs are too difficult to carry, while ceramic and glass cups have strong design sense but are simple to break. A mixture of Silicone water glasses with these two benefits has so emerged.

Our silicone bottles and cups are made of food-grade silicone, which is odourless, tasteless, safe, and environmentally friendly. Simple to fold and transport while leaving the house. For modern young people, attractive appearance style and a range of colors are top priorities.

By integrating equipment that can execute injection moulding with accuracy and stability, silicone water cups are created using the injection moulding liquid silicone technique. This is typically a new type of management system formed by normal course of operations hydrogel rubber with great performance. It operates best between -60°C and 250°C, and it has great thermal durability and cold resistance.

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