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How to Accept BCH on Your Website in 5 Minutes

You’re done being overcharged by credit card companies, PayPal, and other third-party processors. You want your business to be valued in a real currency — not one that can be manipulated by governments. You also don’t have the time or patience to wait for international wire transfers that may never come through. Then, you need a BCH payment provider!

Why Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a decentralized cryptocurrency that doesn’t require central banks or other third-party financial institutions. It’s open-source and free of charge, with no need for any end-user license agreements (EULA).

BCH is run on a network of computers around the world. Thanks to blockchain technology, it is impossible to fake or counterfeit cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Since there are no banks or other financial institutions to get in the way, slow things down, or charge high fees, Bitcoin cross-border trade is significantly sped up. In addition, government boundaries and currency conversions are not an issue for BCH, and transaction costs are usually very low (0% as opposed to 2-4%).

Bitcoin Cash is a digital currency that is traded electronically peer-to-peer. Transactions are verified by network nodes which then record the history of operations in a decentralized public ledger called the blockchain.

With cryptocurrency, you don’t have to worry about your sensitive data being stolen in transit, as is the case with credit card payments. The digital cash is sent directly from one party to another without going through a bank or other intermediary.

It’s easy to accept BCH payments for goods and services almost instantly with minimum fees, either manually verifying them or getting new addresses every time an invoice is generated. BCH payment system can handle all transactions for you, so sending and receiving coins is instantaneous and will not require human intervention. Unlike traditional payment processors, a BCH payment gateway usually charges a negligible transaction fee without compromising security, which is why many businesses utilize this payment method to conduct their transactions.

How to Accept BCH?

Here are five easy steps for accepting BCH on your website:

1) Set Up a Bitcoin Wallet

Step one is to procure a Bitcoin wallet. This software allows you to not only receive Bitcoin payments but store and send them securely as well. Depending on your needs, there are several options available for both standard desktop wallets and mobile ones alike. You can also get physical tokens made of metal that represent bitcoins — great for parties or trade shows!

You can also use a BCH payment provider that already incorporates a wallet into the service.

2) Provide a Link or Button for Payment

After you set up your Bitcoin wallet, create a new address for receiving payments by clicking “Request Payment.” Then share the address with your clients. There are also wallets that allow you to create an unlimited number of addresses for sharing.

If you would like to accept coins, all you need is a simple HTML payment button or link. If you want, wallet providers can customize these with your logo and branding.

3) Add Your Bitcoin Addresses to Your Site

The only thing you need to do to start receiving bitcoins as payment is to copy and paste the address given into an HTML page. If you want to make things easier for users, consider using a QR code generator so that mobile users can simply scan a graphic instead of typing in the link (you can also create a QR code directly from your Bitcoin wallet).

4) Receiving Payments

Clicking on your payment link, button, or banner will allow customers to submit their orders. Before confirming their purchase, they will be given the option to choose how much they would like to pay in bitcoins, along with an address to send the BCH. Online merchants that use shopping carts typically allow all of this in only one step.

5) Make a Withdrawal of Your Coins

To send coins, click the “Send” tab on your wallet and enter the address to who you’re sending them. If you have an account with Coinbase or another exchange, depending on your wallet, you may need to first send money via bank wire or ACH deposit. You can also use a conversion service such as BitPay or CoinBase for quick transformation into USD or EUR before depositing it into any North American or European bank account.


BCH is an amazing new peer-to-peer currency and payment method that allows for instant global payments and eliminates the need to deal with many of the restrictions that come with other payment methods. Whether you run a website, blog, or another kind of business online, accepting Bitcoin Cash as payment is simple and secure. By following the steps outlined above, you’ll be ready to start accepting crypto payments in no time!