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How to Optimize Your Ecommerce App for User Experience

Everyone in e-commerce might gain from providing a mobile app to their consumers given the increase in mobile commerce. The two designs should, however, be very distinct because a mobile experience is very different from a desktop experience. 90% of internet customers claim that their mobile purchasing experience leaves them unsatisfied. Many of them browse on the app, but they finish their purchases on desktop computers. Fortunately, there are techniques to improve your e-commerce app’s user experience (UX) while also controlling the ecommerce app development cost. How? Read on.

How to Optimize user experience for Ecommerce Apps?

It’s quite challenging to successfully make your online company stick out from the crowded market and draw clients. This is in light of the intense competition that exists in the e-commerce field nowadays. Additionally, customers now have a wide range of retailers to choose from, so businesses must work extremely hard to capture their attention and convince them to stay on their websites long enough to make a purchase.

Due to the intense competition, relying exclusively on high-quality items won’t be sufficient to keep on top of trends and thrive in the ever-expanding ecommerce industry. To stand out, most businesses hire an ecommerce app development company to develop and maintain their stores Fortunately, even without significant marketing resources, there are many fantastic methods for tiny brands and companies to compete with major names online. Creating a fluid UX design to enhance the experience of buying on their websites is one of these strategies.

Note: If you are starting your ecommerce store, it is best to pool your money and invest it is ,

Optimize the app for mobile users

Making your online store mobile friendly is one of the key factors you can do to enhance your consumers’ purchasing experience. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re going to lose a great deal of prospective clients. There are over six billion worldwide smartphone users, and the majority of shoppers use their phones to do searches for products and make purchases.

Thus, the majority of customers anticipate that firms will have responsive websites. By making your online business mobile-friendly, you can provide customers a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience while increasing lead generation and conversion rates. Additionally, a mobile-friendly website makes it quicker and easier for your clients to buy even while they’re on the road. Additionally, it makes your e-commerce website appear higher in search engine results, which may increase your online presence and draw in more natural traffic.

Maximize Loading Speed

Given that most individuals have fewer minutes to spare and are frequently busy, a slow-loading online business may turn away potential consumers. In fact, if the pages of a website take a long time to load, 40% of online consumers reportedly leave. Therefore, if your website loads slowly, you’re likely to see a rise in cart abandonments and bounce rates, both of which may cost you a lot of money. According to another research, a second delay in site load time might result in a seven percent drop in conversion and a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction. As a result, it’s crucial that you improve your site’s loading times to give customers a quicker and more convenient purchasing experience.

A faster-loading website may enhance both your client experience and the rankings of search engines, making it simpler for potential consumers to locate you. Increasing server response rates, optimizing product pictures, and minimizing redirection are excellent techniques to increase the speed at which your website loads. You might also spend money on site hosting. Your website’s speed can be positively impacted by appropriate eCommerce hosting.


Make Navigation Easier

Potential clients might quickly become lost and puzzled due to poor website navigation. This is due to the fact that having a cluttered navigation or an unorganized, complicated layout makes it challenging for users to traverse your site and discover what they’re searching for, increasing the likelihood that you’ll lose them as customers. By making it simpler for customers to browse your website, you may encourage them to remain a while and search all the things you have to offer.

By classifying items in the top menu and deleting unused links and extraneous links and clutter, you may streamline the navigation of your website. Subcategories should be added to each of your primary product categories, and the category the customer is now in should be highlighted. Consider adding criteria that make it very simple and quick for customers to search and locate the precise thing they’re searching for depending on the cost, the size, location, colour, and other factors for a better user experience. Since the majority of queries later on will be conducted by speech, you might also wish to include voice search.

Provide a Secure and Simple Checkout

One of the main reasons that shoppers abandon their shopping carts is a drawn-out and difficult checkout procedure. Clients are more likely to abandon your website before making a purchase when your checkout procedure is challenging to complete. As a result, your objective should be to make your site’s user experience better by making the checkout procedure as simple as feasible. In order to close the sale as quickly as possible, you must make the payment procedure simple and straightforward for your consumers.


Introducing a guest checkout method in place of asking visitors to create an account before they can make a purchase is a terrific approach to expedite the checkout process on your website. Make sure there are no interruptions throughout the checkout process, and refrain from requesting too much information from the customers. Since most customers worry about the security of their personal information while making purchases online, you might also wish to develop a secure payment method. Additionally, for a smoother and more seamless purchasing experience, provide clients as many payment options as you can.

Make Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalization is essential for increasing user satisfaction and fostering client loyalty on your e-commerce website. Giving your consumers unique content will help them feel appreciated, which will help you develop a valuable connection with them and increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase from you. Offering product suggestions based on previous transactions is one of the greatest and most efficient methods to give a personalized client experience.

This can direct your customers to the appropriate items and perhaps help them find new ones that they might find interesting. Additionally, it presents an opportunity for cross-selling and up-selling goods, improving the shopping experience and raising the average value of an order. By facilitating customised product recommendations, you may improve the shopping experience for your customers and close sales much more quickly.

Note: Such complex features can’t be made by beginners. This is why it is recommended to hire an ecommerce app development company for such complex features.

Optimize Product Descriptions

You must first improve your site’s product descriptions before offering customised product suggestions. Before making a purchase, consumers may discover crucial information about the items by reading succinct, unambiguous product descriptions. You should use bullet lists in your product descriptions so that clients can quickly scan key information.

You must also include realistic, high-quality product images shot from a variety of angles, as clients cannot physically inspect the goods while making an online purchase. They will have a clearer understanding of what they are purchasing as a result, which may enhance the experience of shopping and enable them to make better purchasing decisions.

Offer Virtual Assistance to Clients

Online customers expect the same level of service as they would from a salesperson in a real store. While offering a helpline phone number, email address, and social network handles is a fantastic approach to provide customer care, the majority of online buyers need immediate assistance at all times. As a result, you must constantly be accessible to answer any concerns clients may have and to promptly resolve their inquiries.

Using bots and solutions powered by AI to offer 24/7 customer assistance and service for your e-commerce site is the easiest and most effective approach. Additionally, the majority of individuals choose chatting with chatbots. Making it simpler for consumers to contact you and promptly responding to their questions and complaints may enhance their buying experience and encourage them to return to your online business.

Provide Omnichannel Services

Making sure your e-commerce site has a great user experience is a smart place to start, but it’s also important to consider other places where your consumers might want to buy your items. In 2022, social networks are becoming more common than ever for social commerce and sales. It could be worthwhile to integrate store features into your social networks as well if you often engage with your consumers there as well as on websites like Facebook and Instagram. It can be worthwhile to investigate additional marketing strategies, such as sometimes running a pop-up shop or selling your goods on online stores like Amazon. You’re more likely to make money if you provide your clients additional alternatives for purchasing from you.

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Utilize Customer Feedback and Improve User Experiences

Another efficient method of improving customer service on your e-commerce website is to pay attention to consumer feedback. Your customers’ opinions, whether favorable or unfavorable, can provide you with crucial information you need to enhance the user experience on your website. As a result, you should read every review and piece of feedback you get from clients, address their issues, and respond to their questions.

Actively solicit consumer feedback via automated emails and social media. As an added incentive for their comments, you may even give them something or give them a discount. You may learn about problems and errors that can ruin the consumer’s experience on your e-commerce site through assessing the feedback you get. By responding to their concerns, you may give your consumers the impression that you appreciate their feedback and improve their online purchasing experience. You may collect feedback on the goods you send using a QR code, which is simply created using a code called a QR code generator.

Reward Loyal Customers

In addition to listening to your consumers, introducing a rewards program on your e-commerce website is another tactic that has been shown to improve user experience. You may offer discounts, gift cards, gift certificates, reward points, and other incentives to your consumers. Following the completion of a conversion activity, such as making a purchase, joining up, giving an affiliate link, and more, the incentive may be awarded.

Putting in place a rewards program may help increase brand recognition, foster consumer loyalty, and draw new visitors to your e-commerce site. Offering discounts and special presents to your consumers will motivate them to return to your online business. To prevent generating a negative user experience, make sure that any special offers and coupons you provide to your clients are simple to redeem.

Provide zoom in and zoom out functions.

The ability for smartphone individuals to zooming in on a photo using a pinch or pressing action has become standard thanks to a number of well-known apps. Users now frequently anticipate this possibility as a result. Having high-quality product images and enabling in-depth user exploration are essential for an e-commerce site.

It’s never a bad idea to use established motions; there’s no need to come up with something original. Give users the dependability and comfort they crave. Naturally, your product photographs additionally have to be big enough for customers to zoom in and see details rather than just pixels.

Create Trust with Your Customer

The more open and honest your website is on facts like product specifications, business practices, and delivery, the more trust you may earn from your visitors. Being open and honest might give your customers more assurance that they are making the right choice since they will know all the facts. By doing this, it improves the user experience and makes it more pleasant. Don’t just sell to your customer, make them trust you by providing them with all the details for their ease to improve their user experience on the store.

You should try to be as open as you can in some situations, including on product pages, which are crucial for generating conversions. The most crucial details you should display are the product’s size, special instructions, advantages, and other details that could appear pertinent, such as its materials (cotton, spandex, etc.). To further foster confidence, include trust seals on your checkout page and website footer.

Final Words

One of the most crucial things you can do as a developing ecommerce company is to provide an excellent shopping experience for those who are your customers. By following the above methods, you can start implementing little but significant modifications that encourage consumers to stay on your e-commerce site longer. Remember to keep an eye on your KPIs and client conversion rates anytime you make changes to your UX so you can determine which tactics are most effective.

Given the fierce competition on the internet, it is best to hire an ecommerce app development company to provide services for your ecommerce store. What’s interesting is that the ecommerce app development cost is more feasible than an individual setting up their store in the long run. You can check out companies providing ecommerce services. Ecommerce companies such as Trango Tech and even get a free consultation!