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What to Do if a Tree Falls on Your Power lines

Contact between trees and power lines is dangerous. You need to assume the power line and tree touching the line are “live”, and electrocution is a possibility. Stay well clear.

When a tree or branch falls on a power line, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Trees are full of water and can conduct electricity. Always assume the power line and tree touching it is energized and dangerous.

1. Call emergency services in your state (911) and tell the operator about the situation.

2. Go out to the street, keeping a safe distance from the line, and warn passers-by of the danger. Make sure nobody touches the line or tree.

3. If a spot fire starts, do not attempt to extinguish it with water as you may be electrocuted also.

Once emergency services arrive, they will shut down power to the block and remove the tree. Once removed, the power company will reconnect the line.

How to report a branch on a power line?

Calling 911 is the first thing you do when you notice a branch on a powerline. Then you can as well contact a local tree company and inform them about the branch on the power line. Again do not attempt to touch the branch or line.

Who is responsible for tree limbs on power lines?

If the tree limbs are touching a powerline, it would be best if you contacted a local tree trimming company to trim the tree for you. Do not attempt to trim the tree yourself because it is extremely deadly.

What to do if a power line falls on your house?

The safest thing to do is to remain in the house and very fast contact the power company. While in the house, do not run water or touch any metallic object. The power company will cut the power to your home, and you can then exit your house without the fear of being electrocuted.

If there is huge damage and you need to exit the house, you should leave the house as carefully as possible. Make sure you are as far away as possible from the downed wire. If possible, wear rubber-soled shoes, this is to limit the transfer of electricity.

Can I safely remove a branch from a power line?

Do not risk your safety by trying to remove the branch all by yourself, instead, contact your local power company. They have people who are specifically trained to do this job, these people have special equipment to protect them from being electrocuted.

Who is Responsible for Removing the Downed Tree?

You are probably wondering who is responsible for removing the downed tree, well, it all depends on where the tree is. If the tree is located on public property, then it is the power company’s responsibility to remove or trim it.

If the tree is on private (your) land, then it is your responsibility to have it trimmed. Again, do not take the risk of doing it on your own, doing it on your own can get you killed. This being your responsibility just means that you are the one who needs to pay for the tree removal.

Who is Responsible if a Powerline Falls?

If a power line falls, the power company is responsible for repairing and raising the lines safely. The company should reconnect the wires up to the electrical grid and your home’s attachment point, though this is up to you.

From there, it is then your responsibility to hire a certified electrician to repair any damages that may have occurred to your home’s wiring. This is mainly because most power companies do not restore services to private properties until a certified professional electrician has done the required repair

Is it Legal to Trim or Remove Trees near Powerlines?

In most countries, unless you are a certified line clearance worker, trimming or removing a downed tree on a powerline is considered illegal. This is simply because it can not only cause injuries and deaths but also it may disrupt the power source for many other buildings.


How to Prevent A Power Line from Falling in Your Land

It is unpredictable when this kind of accident can happen, and it might occur more often than you might think. But a better understanding of the conditions that may put your power line at risk will help you be prepared. Rough weather from winter ice storms to rainstorms on many occasions is the reason for downed power lines.

The best way to prevent downed power lines is by trying to prevent the first. Trees can also be a reason for these kinds of accidents, especially the unhealthy ones, they can easily fall on your power line. So, if you have trees in your yard that are grown into your wires, you should consider reaching out to a professional tree trimmer and your local power company.  Trees on your power line could be an electrocution risk.

How much does it cost to trim trees near power lines?

$460 is the average cost of tree trimming. The price generally ranges between $75 to $ 1,500. Topping a tree up to 30 feet in height can cost you $100- $300. The Price are determined by the height and diameter of the tree