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London, UK – Helena Financial is a DeFi project launched on Binance Smart Channels (BSC) as an auto-staking and auto-compounding protocol on Nemesis Ecosystem that offers rebase rewards and as the project grows and expands, it’s providing crypto investors with an ever-increasing array of new opportunities and exciting horizons.

Helena Financial paves the way for brand-new investment opportunities with their V2 Genesis update, pioneering the DeFi by enhancing Nemesis Network as well as addressing their shortcomings, and most importantly, introducing new ecosystem and investor-beneficial utilities and features.

The most prominent feature Helena Financial introduces with Genesis Update is Nemesis Network Loyalty Point (NMSLP) tokens. Coming along with its innovative NMS LP Staking Protocol, Loyalty Points staking offers BUSD rewards without sell taxation. Furthermore, NMSLP Tokens are planned to be a bridge between Nemesis Network platforms such as Nemesis DAO, creating new investment and innovation possibilities for the platform to improve upon.


Released on 5th October 2022, Helena Financial renovated its webpage to make it more appealing and most importantly, developed a new and better Dapp from scratch, which creates a solid ground for new utilities and features to be developed and brought on. Helena Financial also released a roadmap for V2. The team Nemesis set clear objectives and milestones and is working with the community to reach those with the global achievements they implemented.

The Milestone and the upcoming features are listed below respectable to their release order

• Wings Multiplier (Unlocked)
• Wings Rush (Unlocked)
• Loyalty Point Staking and Nemesis Network Loyalty Point Tokens (Unlocked)
• Auction Bonding (Locked)
• Reverse Auctions (Locked)
• Random and Consecutive Golden Epochs (Locked)

As it is not listed on the milestone, Helena Financial also plans to bring the NFT Zone, with a staking feature currently being worked on and announced to be released soon.

Helena Financial’s new V2 features, whether they be NFTs, WINGS Multiplier, or Clubhouse games, appear to be part of a strategy to enhance Helena’s position. Furthermore, distributing loyalty points through participation in club games incentivizes investors to be more active in the ecosystem through both earning rewards themselves and contributing to Helena Financial’s progression and development.

Moreover, with the release of Helena Financial’s brand-new feature, NMS LP Reward Pool, the team aims to promote the usage of current and upcoming V2 features. Which consequently makes Helena more and more deflationary with each feature.

Introducing NMSLP (Nemesis Network Loyalty Point) and Reward Pool System

NMSLP is a token that incentivizes Helena users to remain active and make use of the various utilities and features of the Nemesis Network. To do this, Team Helena has implemented gameFi elements such as WINGS Rush, which was the first gameFi feature to be integrated into Helena with its V2 update.

WINGS Rush is an exciting gameFi feature that offers four distinct tiers for participants to select from. With this unique feature, participants can compete against each other and reap rewards, depending on the tier they participate in. Furthermore, regardless of whether they win or lose, participants are guaranteed to receive NMS Loyalty Point tokens, making it easier for them to earn tokens with minimal effort and time.

Reward Pool is the first and only feature that currently supports the use of NMS LP Tokens. Helena investors can utilize the NMS LP Tokens they receive for purchasing energy for the Reward Pool (RP). Users who purchase energy by staking their NMSLP tokens into the reward pool are rewarded daily in BUSD in proportion to their share in the pool. Purchasing energy burns all NMS LP Tokens involved in the transaction, with no taxation or any fees involved. Furthermore, with the unique decay mechanism introduced in the Reward Pool, Team Nemesis intends to balance the advantage between early investors and new ones,  offering every participant a fair opportunity to compete.

The reward amount in the pool is aimed to be increased day by day by tax revenues accumulated from every feature Helena provides, then it distributes 2% of the reward pool every day to investors who gets Energy by staking their NMS LP tokens. The best aspect of this function is that stakeholders receive BUSD payouts without any taxation, plus with an increasing reward pool amount every day, the 2% BUSD payouts raise correspondingly.

Beyond Genesis V2, CMO Arwand Elaborates on Helena’s Future;

“We are ready and confident in our abilities, and are waiting for the right time. Our main project Nemesis DAO and Nemesis Network as a whole are always behind us, giving us extra confidence. We may encounter some increasing interest in the mini-bull periods which were seen in the past and we will be taking these into consideration while keeping track of the situation. The overall market has been challenging, with a lot of FUD present in the bear market, but it is a good opportunity to gain experience and continue development, and we are ready and prepared for the ultimate push when the time is right.

Most of the below promotions in our Q4 Roadmap were put up on hold due to the current market circumstances. All of them will be realized in the correct time, some with the launch of NMSLP STAKING/PROFIT SHARING.

  • Banners on top websites through Banner Networks
  • High Visibility on promoted sections of CoinTracking/CoinVoting sites
  • Social Media Campaigns with Hashtag Marketing
  • Reddit and Top Forum Exposure
  • Content and SEO marketing efforts
  • Competitions and Contests with airdrops and giveaways
  • and various guerilla marketing steps that will improve the impression performance on crypto related investment groups”

While Helena Financial continues to add new features and utilities to expand investment opportunities, it increases the ecosystem’s real value and revenue stream with the aforementioned steps. As stated in the quotation/press statement, the Nemesis team aims to utilize these newly-brought opportunities to maintain steady progress for both the marketing and development side.


Helena Financial is an auto-staking and auto-compounding DeFi 3.0 protocol. Helena brings multiple new features to life with a team of experts, implements progressive gameFi concepts to Web3, assists beginners in understanding DeFi concepts, and incentivizes crypto enthusiasts with a vision in the process.
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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@HelenaFinancial

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Company Name: Helena Financial

Company Contact Persons: Arwand Madison, [CMO]

Company Website: https://helena.financial

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