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Stunt is Taking Social Media to Sports With New Platform

There is a brand new social media platform, and before one assumes it will be in the same mold as the Twitters, Facebooks, and Instagrams of the world – it isn’t, and if you’re a sports fan you should pay extra attention.

Introducing Stunt, a sports social media platform that is taking a new spin on how fans, and personalities, talk about sports.

Yes, a social media app for sports – essentially the industry’s first content-comprehensive place for users to talk sports and create sports related content.

While websites, forums, and chats have existed in the past, this will mark the first sports social media app that allows users to create live-streaming, short form, and social content all under one roof.

And the platform already boasts some big partnerships, such as former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, as well as renowned growth platform and marketing company Gamactica (via their Press page).

According to the company: “We give sports fans what they want from social media by removing all the clutter and non-sports-related content. STUNT™ gives you the same video, audio, text, and community-based features you already love but with improved technology specific to sports.”

For years, sports creators have been restricted to only a handful of platform, and with the sheer number of sports websites, sports forums, and chat-centric sports outlets, the industry has become over-saturated with the same options.

As content creation experienced quite the boom during the pandemic, the call for deeper experiences in social media became loud, and with content consumption and social media making major strides in traction and user retention, the time is now for sports to build an exclusive home in the space.

That is where Stunt’s sports talk app, which is now available on both Android and iOS, comes into play, with a very exciting option for fans, influencers, podcasts, sports media personalities, and celebrities alike.

With brands such as ESPN and Fox Sports creating more and more sports talk destinations, it is important to have a platform that helps connect the conversation with the audience, and fuel the chatter in a modern format.

Now, Stunt is giving fans just that.