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How and When Hiring a Tiler for Your Home Renovation, Cambridge tilers, Professional tilers, Floor Tilers in 2023

Renovating your home can be an exciting and overwhelming process. Whether you’re updating a single room or giving your entire home a makeover, one aspect of the renovation process that requires careful consideration is choosing a tiler. 

Skilled Tilers can make all the difference in the quality and longevity of your new flooring, backsplash, or shower, so it’s important to choose the right professional for the job. Here are the top 5 considerations when hiring a tiler for your home renovation.

Experience and Qualifications

The first consideration when hiring a tiler is their experience and qualifications. Ideally, you want to find a tiler who has several years of experience in the industry and who is fully licensed and insured. 

Look for a tiler who has experience working with the type of tiles you want to use in your renovation project. A tiler with experience will be able to provide valuable advice and recommendations on the best materials and techniques to use for your specific project.

Portfolio and References

A tiler’s portfolio and references are a great way to gauge their level of skill and professionalism. A reputable tiler should be able to provide you with a portfolio of their previous work and a list of references you can contact. 

Take the time to review their portfolio and ask for references from recent projects similar to your own. Don’t be afraid to contact these references and ask them about their experience working with the tiler. This will give you a good idea of their reliability, attention to detail, and overall quality of work.

Price and Quotes

While cost should not be the only factor in your decision, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the tiler’s pricing and what is included in their quote. Be wary of quotes that are significantly lower than other quotes you’ve received, as this may indicate that the tiler is cutting corners or using inferior materials. 

On the other hand, a higher quote may indicate that the tiler is using high-quality materials and has a reputation for exceptional work. Look for a tiler who offers a detailed quote that includes all labor, materials, and any additional costs or fees.

Communication and Availability

Effective communication and availability are crucial when hiring a tiler. A good tiler should be able to communicate clearly and promptly with you throughout the entire project. T

hey should be responsive to your questions and concerns and keep you updated on the progress of the project. It’s also important to find a tiler who is available to work within your timeline and can accommodate your schedule.

Guarantee and Warranty

Finally, make sure you choose a tiler who offers a guarantee or warranty on their work. A reputable tiler should stand behind their work and be willing to fix any issues that arise after the project is complete. 

Look for a tiler who offers a written guarantee or warranty that outlines the scope of the work and the timeframe for any repairs or touch-ups.

The Art of Tiling with Cambridge Tillers: Tips and Tricks for Achieving a Professional Finish

Cambridge Tillers are known for their high-quality tiles and their reputation for being some of the best in the industry. If you’re planning on tiling your home using Cambridge Tillers, it’s important to learn the art of tiling to achieve a professional finish. Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve a perfect tile installation using Cambridge Tillers.

Preparation is Key

Before you start tiling, it’s important to properly prepare the surface you’ll be tiling on. This means removing any old tiles, cleaning the surface thoroughly, and ensuring that it’s level and smooth. Use a leveling compound to fill in any cracks or dips in the surface and allow it to dry completely before you start tiling.

Measure and Mark the Tile Placement

One of the most important steps in tiling is measuring and marking the placement of the tiles. Use a chalk line to create a reference line across the surface and mark the placement of each tile using a pencil. This will help you ensure that your tiles are evenly spaced and aligned.

Cut Tiles to Size

Cutting tiles to size is an essential part of tiling, especially when working with irregular spaces or angles. Use a tile cutter or wet saw to cut the tiles to the correct size and shape. Always wear safety goggles when cutting tiles and be sure to make accurate measurements before cutting to avoid any mistakes.

Apply the Adhesive

Once you’ve cut the tiles to size, it’s time to apply the adhesive. Use a notched trowel to spread the adhesive evenly across the surface and create ridges in the adhesive. This will help ensure that the tiles adhere properly and remain in place.

Lay the Tiles

Start laying the tiles from the center of the surface and work your way outwards. Use spacers to ensure that the tiles are evenly spaced and aligned. Use a spirit level to check that the tiles are level and adjust them if necessary. Be sure to clean any excess adhesive from the tiles as you go to avoid any mess or damage to the tiles.

Grout the Tiles

Once the tiles are in place, it’s time to grout the gaps between them. Mix the grout according to the manufacturer’s instructions and use a grout float to apply it to the gaps. Work the grout into the gaps using a diagonal motion, making sure to fill all the gaps completely. Allow the grout to dry for 10-15 minutes before wiping the tiles clean with a damp sponge.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Tiler for Your Home Renovation Project 

Home renovations are exciting projects that can transform the look and feel of your living space. 

From updating your kitchen to adding a new room, there are many options available to homeowners looking to spruce up their homes. One aspect of home renovation that often goes overlooked, however, is the tiling. 

Tiling is an essential component of any renovation project, as it can completely transform the look of a room. If you’re considering tiling as part of your home renovation, here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional tiler to get the job done right.


Professional tilers have the expertise and experience needed to get the job done right. They have spent years perfecting their craft and understand the ins and outs of the tiling process. They are familiar with different types of tiles, adhesives, and grouts, and know how to work with each one to achieve the desired result. They can help you choose the right tiles for your project and provide guidance on the best placement and layout.

Quality of work

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a professional tiler is the quality of work they provide. They have the skills, tools, and materials needed to ensure that the job is done correctly. They pay attention to detail, ensuring that every tile is laid perfectly and that the grout lines are straight and consistent. A professional tiler will provide you with a finished product that not only looks great but will also stand the test of time.


Hiring a professional tiler can also save you time. Tiling is a time-consuming process, and if you’re not familiar with it, it can take much longer than expected. Professional tilers work quickly and efficiently, and they know how to overcome common challenges that can arise during the tiling process. They can get the job done in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself, allowing you to enjoy your new space sooner.


While it may seem counterintuitive, hiring a professional tiler can actually save you money in the long run. If you attempt to tile your home yourself and make a mistake, you could end up damaging your tiles or even your subfloor. This can result in costly repairs that could have been avoided by hiring a professional tiler. Additionally, a professional tiler will have all the necessary tools and equipment needed for the job, saving you the expense of having to purchase or rent them yourself.


Tiling can be a dangerous job, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. Professional tilers are trained to work safely and take all the necessary precautions to avoid accidents. They know how to handle sharp tools and heavy materials and can protect themselves and your property during the tiling process. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your home renovation project is in good hands.

Enhancing the value of your home

Finally, hiring a professional tiler can enhance the value of your home. A beautifully tiled bathroom or kitchen can add significant value to your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell. Professional tilers can help you choose the right tiles and layout to maximize the visual appeal of your space, which can increase the value of your home significantly.

Top Qualities to Look for in a Professional Floor Tiler

Floor tiling is an important aspect of any construction project, whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial space. It’s a skilled job that requires precision, attention to detail and knowledge of the best practices in tiling. As a client, it’s essential to ensure that you hire a professional floor tiler who is qualified, experienced and possesses the necessary qualities to deliver high-quality results. Here are the top qualities to look for in a professional floor tiler.

Technical knowledge and expertise

A professional floor tiler should have a deep understanding of tiling techniques, tools and materials. They should be able to recommend the best tiling material for your specific needs, whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, natural stone or any other type of tile. They should also be able to advise on the ideal grout and adhesive to use for your project. A good tiler should be knowledgeable about the different tiling patterns and designs that are suitable for different spaces, such as herringbone, brick bond, and basket weave.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is crucial in floor tiling, as even the slightest error can ruin the entire project. A professional floor tiler should have an eye for detail, ensuring that the tiles are properly aligned and spaced, and that the grout lines are even. They should also be able to cut tiles accurately to fit around obstacles like pipes and corners.

Time management skills

A professional floor tiler should be able to complete the project within the agreed-upon timeframe. They should be able to plan the project, organize their work and ensure that they stick to the schedule. Delayed projects can be frustrating and costly, so it’s important to hire a tiler who can deliver on time.

Professionalism and reliability

A professional floor tiler should be reliable, punctual and maintain a professional attitude throughout the project. They should be able to communicate effectively, listen to your needs and preferences and provide updates on the progress of the project. They should also be respectful of your property, ensuring that they clean up after themselves and leave the site tidy and safe.

Attention to safety

Floor tiling can be a hazardous job, especially when using power tools and working at heights. A professional floor tiler should prioritize safety, wearing appropriate protective gear and taking necessary precautions to prevent accidents. They should also be knowledgeable about the safe handling and disposal of materials, especially hazardous materials.

Problem-solving skills

Floor tiling can present unexpected challenges, such as uneven surfaces, moisture issues and other technical problems. A professional floor tiler should be able to identify potential problems early and come up with innovative solutions to overcome them. They should also be able to work with other tradespeople and Tiling contractors in London on the project, such as plumbers and electricians, to ensure that the tiling work is integrated seamlessly with the rest of the construction.

Creativity and design skills

A professional floor tiler should have a creative eye, able to offer suggestions and recommendations on tile patterns, designs and colors that will complement your space. They should also be able to create custom designs and patterns that suit your specific needs and preferences.


Choosing the right tiler for a home renovation project requires careful consideration of several factors. 

Look for a tiler with experience and qualifications, a strong portfolio and references, a clear and detailed quote, effective communication and availability, and a guarantee or warranty. 

Tiling with Cambridge Tillers requires attention to detail, patience, and a commitment to quality. Hiring a professional floor tiler with the right qualities can make a significant difference in the success of the project.