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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Bike Rickshaws


Rickshaw initially meant a two or three-wheeled passenger vehicle that is typically pulled by one person who is carrying one passenger. That rickshaw can be referred to as a pulled rickshaw. Pulled rickshaws developed as a well-known mode of transportation, along with a source of employment for male workers, especially within the Asian cities around the 19th century.

Their appearance was associated with freshly obtained knowledge of ball-bearing systems. However, their fame declined as trains, vehicles, and other modes of transportation became largely available.

Nevertheless, as time went on, cycle rickshaws which are also called trishaws or pedicabs were invented, along with electric rickshaws and auto rickshaws.

Except for their use in tourism, the new inventions replaced the initial pulled rickshaws. This article performs justice to electric bike rickshaws whose sole mode of propulsion is one or a few electric motors.

A Brief Description of Electric Bike Rickshaws

Electric rickshaw bikes are small three-wheeled vehicles that obtain their power from an electric motor and battery which ranges from about 650 to 1400 watts. It can also be referred to as an e-rickshaw or electric tricycle. It features a seat for passengers at the back and it is built to comfortably carry one or two passengers.

Apart from the seat for passengers being comfortable, it is also spacious, and it has a backrest with armrests to give additional support. Also, this vehicle is equipped with protective features like reflectors, lights, as well as a horn.

Unlike standard or auto rickshaws, electric bike rickshaws usually save on the costs of fuel yet provide easier usage than pulled rickshaws. No wonder they have gained fame and become widely accepted in various cities.

If the electric bike rickshaws are brought in a procedural way, they can become a low-emitter complementary mode of transportation for people earning a meager amount of money. They often suffer from a lack of facilities for transportation.

The bodies of electric bike rickshaws are typically made of fiberglass, and another reason for their popularity is their durability and strength which results in low maintenance. Furthermore, more often than not, the batteries of the vehicle are lead-acid, and they have a lifespan of about six to twelve months.

Types of Electric Bike Rickshaws

Load Carriers

The versions of these electric rickshaws that carry loads vary in their motor power, upper body, controller, load-carrying capability, as well as other structural parts. Sometimes, the motor power could be raised to bear loads that weigh up to 500-1000 kg.


Directly Solar-Powered

These are usually fitted with solar panels. An electric bike rickshaw directly powered by solar can be described as an electric rickshaw that is driven only by one or a few electric motors and powered through the solar panels placed on the vehicle. An electric rickshaw directly powered by solar can also operate while the vehicle is moving.

Theoretically, solar panels can give power directly to the motor or motors without requiring batteries. However, because of the purpose intended, in reality, it will be a design option that is not likely to be true for a rickshaw.

All the same, solar panels do not get regularly used in electric bike rickshaws.

Indirectly Solar-Charged

Practically, the term solar rickshaw is often used to give a description of battery-electric bike rickshaws whose batteries are usually charged with solar indirectly before usage. This usually takes place through the removal of batteries that need to be charged from the vehicle, as well as substituting them for the batteries that have already gotten charged.

In another way, batteries can be charged in situ when the vehicle is still parked. However, that may limit the rate of usage during the daytime.

Advantages of Electric Bike Rickshaws for Adults


Gives a Safe and Comfortable Transportation

One of the greatest concerns regarding transportation, especially for adults, is their safety. Cycling or walking on busy roads may be dangerous, and public transportation may be too crowded so one tends to start feeling uncomfortable.

An electric bike rickshaw, therefore, offers a safe and comfortable medium of transportation, particularly for anyone that has trouble standing or walking for long hours.

Regarding safety, apart from the safety features of a horn, lights, and reflectors, the electric motor gives a smooth and serene drive, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents because of jerky movements or abrupt stops.

Improves Independence Level and Mobility

As adults increase in age, their mobility may become limited because of limitations physically. To that end, it may become hard to go on errands, attend social events, or visit family and friends.

Hence, an electric bike rickshaw can help you as an adult to retrieve your mobility and independence through the provision of a comfortable and dependable method of transportation.

Enhances Physical and Mental Health

Performing physical activities regularly is essential for maintaining sound mental and physical health, especially as there is an increase in age. An electric bike rickshaw gives a great way by which adults can perform the needed exercise without necessarily placing excessive strain on their bodies.

Cycling on an electric bike rickshaw can help to strengthen muscles, enhance cardiovascular health, and increase coordination with balance. Also, it gives a form of exercise with a low impact which is gentler on the joints, compared to other forms of exercise, such as jumping or running.

In addition, the social aspect of cycling with an e-bike rickshaw can help to enhance mental health through the provision of chances for engagement and social interaction, which is essential for curbing depression and social isolation.

E-Bike Rickshaw


Although rickshaws are less efficient and do not have so much capability as regards weight load and speed, electric bike rickshaws are extremely helpful for society. They are the vehicles of the present and the future, which will help to safeguard the earth and meet our needs with a sustainable approach.