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7-top reasons to use custom logo socks for your brand

Customers have become smart; they want more from companies. They expect companies to tailor their services/ products to meet their needs. Companies worldwide are slowly but surely adapting to this phenomenon. Even the shows customers watch make companies send similar recommendations based on their previous shows; everything today is becoming more personalized. Offline businesses are also changing to offer the same experience, where customers can get custom products catering to their needs.

The level of personalization not only provides customers with a better experience – it creates a stronger bond between businesses and customers. Big brands are aware of it, but you can also take a leaf out of their playbook and use custom products to get closer to relevant people if you don’t know how or have a huge marketing budget. Don’t worry; go through this blog to create a personalized touch to your brand. You can start small with a helpful product like custom socks and make custom logo socks for your business to get closer to your customers.

Here are reasons why custom logo socks will benefit your business:

1. It will help generate more sales:

Custom logo socks are fantastic personalized products that help ingrain your business name in customers’ minds and help increase sales. Whenever the customer looks at your logo, it will generate positive emotions and word-of-mouth recommendations; they are the most potent form of advertising.

A famous study by a leading advertising company suggests 36% of consumers are more likely to buy products/ services if they have a positive impression of the brand. Another vital figure shows that one in five customers is willing to pay up to 20% more for the same product if they are satisfied with the business. The new trend shows a shifting customer mentality away from cost to satisfaction. You can leverage this by providing value to the customer’s life by sending custom logo socks on special occasions.

2. It will increase profit margin:

Previously it wasn’t easy to create custom logo socks, and because of that, businesses would stockpile them in bulk from a third-party manufacturer. That risk they just had to take was unable to use them properly. Now, it is possible with modern manufacturing machines and technology without the steep overheads of ordering in large quantities. Manufacturing companies like EverLighten allow customers to order without any minimum order limitations.

3. It will help your business stand out:

Imagine a large city with ten businesses of a similar nature; how will new people distinguish your business from the competition? Connect with people by showing your business’s uniqueness. You can do this by creating custom logo socks for your business. Distributing those to people will send positive messages, making a huge difference in customers’ decision-making.

4. It will reduce inventory costs:

Socks are small, unisex, and almost one-size-fits-all; you don’t need to order different ones for each one. They are also easier to transport from one place to another; if you look to distribute from one town to another, it will reduce inventory cost significantly, unlike other more oversized items.

5. It will provide better customer insight:

Giving away your business logo socks helps insight into customers’ mindsets. Whether they are using the product often or want some changes with the business. You can do this by asking for a favor in return for the giveaway by asking them to fill out a small form. Gathering more data is one of the essential factors in the modern marketplace, giving you an edge over your competitors.

6. It will help increase customer loyalty:

Giving away custom logo socks will increase customers’ loyalty toward your business. When they see you care for them, their loyalty level goes to eleven! They start to view your company as unique, providing value to their lives. They are more likely to establish a long-lasting relationship with your brand if customers feel like they have your attention. Once they have connected with you, it’s hard for your competitors to get their attention.

7. It will power the online business:

Today’s marketplace is all about doing online business; the sales in physical stores are decreasing. People avoid going to brick-and-mortar stores. Connecting with people on social media by asking them to post cool pictures with your custom logo socks is one way to power your online business. You can giveaway custom-branded cool socks as a gift for their efforts.

At EverLighten, we have helped many businesses from different industries become highly profitable with our high-quality custom logo socks. Various entrepreneurs and start-ups are pleasantly surprised at the growth rate after using custom socks; it provides a high return on investment. Now that you know the benefits, let’s dive into creating custom logo socks.

Choose design:

To start creating custom logo socks with EverLighten, you must design your unique logo. If you have a business logo, you can upload that to the website in the form of a sketch or image. If you don’t have a logo but an idea, our experts will help create the final design representing your brand that customers will love.

Upload the image: After getting the final design ready, it’s time to upload that to the website. The custom sock-making process begins afterward; upload a high-quality picture, ensuring visible logo details.

Start customizing: Once the upload process is complete, the fun of customizing begins. You can choose from available sock styles like crew, no-show, calf-length, or knee-high. You can further customize these as no-slip, athletic, etc. Afterward, you choose the fabrication method, i.e., dye-sublimation and 360-degree printed socks.

Choose materials: When differentiating your business from competitors, the little things matter; choose materials, add-ons, upgrades, and knitting your custom socks worth remembering. Extras like embroidery, sew-on labels, and custom cuff add extra details, making a more remarkable impression on customers. You can also add custom tags and labels, creating an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Get mock-up: After you make custom sock selections, it’s time to let EverLigten work its magic. The team will create a digital sample of the sock; you can make suggestions or changes. Be sure to tell everything to make it the product of your dreams.

Sample approval: After you approve the digital version, the team will send you a physical sample of your custom logo socks. You can check how the product will look and feel in real life. EverLighen’s fast turnaround time ensures you can create custom logo socks for your business shows, stores, office events, or for your employees.

Order placing: After you are happy with the physical sample, it’s time to proceed with the manufacturing. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can order as few pairs as you like.

EverLighten’s manufacturing advantages:

EverLighten is a reliable name with vast experience in custom sock manufacturing. They have a dedicated factory for manufacturing socks.

Customize high-quality socks with EverLighten:

Best value: We manufacture custom socks in our factory, which helps you to get the best cost in the industry.

Top quality: Customers get items with the best materials, processes, and packaging.

Swift delivery: EverLighten delivers every order in the least time.

Comprehensive support: You can contact the customer help team anytime.

Customer-first: We love helping people and accept every order.

Unlimited customization: Customers can customize everything – materials, colors, size, artwork, shape, etc.

Low MOQ: We offer the least minimum order quantity in the industry.

Worldwide delivery: EverLighten delivers to every part of the globe, and customers can track their orders with an online tool.

For more advice, inspiration, and ordering, visit https://everlighten.com/collections/custom-socks.