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Econofrost Offers Grocery Stores New Lasting Solution to Rising Electricity Costs

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, April 11, 2023, Evertise Digital – Grocery stores that rely on refrigerated food displays to store perishable goods are all too familiar with how quickly electricity costs can add up in a given month. The price of electricity continues to skyrocket across the United States, and as refrigerated food displays account for as much as half of a store’s total electricity costs, many supermarkets are feeling the strain that these rising costs can have on their budgets.

Fortunately, with the help of Econofrost, an engineering and technology firm located in Victoria, British Columbia, these stores can now enjoy a reliable, energy-saving solution to their electricity costs. Econofrost has been working in North America since 1985 and is the leading developer of these energy-efficient, cost-saving night covers for refrigerated food displays in the grocery store industry. Their latest innovation is a specially designed thermal barrier that, when installed, can reduce the store’s electricity costs by up to 50% each hour, while at the same time improving compressor performance and extending the life of refrigeration systems.

As US electricity prices soar to all-time highs, supermarkets and grocery stores are feeling the heat. Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a 15. 8% increase in electricity rates year over year, driven by a variety of factors, including the rebound from the pandemic and a war in Ukraine triggering a massive energy crisis in Europe. With refrigerated food displays accounting for up to half of a store’s electricity consumption, reducing consumption has become a major priority to stay afloat.

According to a spokesperson from Econofrost, “Our custom-fit grocery refrigeration night covers are designed to maximize a store’s energy efficiency without sacrificing quality. Investing in this product not only lowers electricity costs, but also reduces dependence on fossil fuels and further helps reduce the store’s carbon footprint. ” The covers are constructed from heavy-duty woven aluminium fabric and can easily be self-installed with no tools required.


New York’s state grid operator is warning of yet another sharp rise in electricity prices this winter, making now a great time to consider an energy-saving retrofit. Given that most supermarkets generate over 1,900 tons of CO2 per year, installing Econofrost grocery refrigeration night covers can improve efficiency, lower electricity costs, and contribute to a greener world in the process.

With the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting yet another drastic rise in electricity prices this winter, now is the time for grocery stores to act. Installing Econofrost night covers can provide not only immediate cost savings, but lasting benefits that can continue to protect the store’s budget while encouraging environmental sustainability.

The simple solution is utilizing Econofrost’s grocery refrigeration night cover. They are designed to minimize the heat load entering your display cases and make sure your surroundings remain cool. Likewise, grocery refrigeration night blinds will reduce the electricity cost and benefit the environment too.


Making a conscious decision to reduce energy consumption by installing grocery refrigeration night covers is a win-win for retailers, the environment and future generations. By investing in these products now, grocery stores can be assured of an improved bottom line and the knowledge that they are doing their part in combatting the rising costs of electricity.

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