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A Guide to the Different Types of Therapy for Autism

One in 36 American children is diagnosed with autism. The earlier autism is diagnosed, the more successful the child can be over the long term.

The earlier autism is detected, the more types of therapy a child can benefit from. Choosing the suitable types of therapy for autism creates a better chance of overcoming it.

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Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence-based therapy. It can help diagnose, treat, and monitor people with autism spectrum disorder.

It is based on the principles of operant conditioning. It applies the idea that behavior can be shaped through positive reinforcement.

It utilizes techniques such as shaping, observing, and reinforcing desired behavior. It is commonly used in the home and classroom. Applied behavior therapy may involve:

  • Teaching individuals to understand social rules
  • Learning how to communicate using words
  • Developing the skill of self-regulation
  • Increasing functional living skills
  • Improving motor skills
  • Teaching appropriate play
  • Navigating social situations

Speech Therapy

This type of therapy generally focuses on improving verbal and nonverbal communication. Speech therapists work to teach language, assist with the development of critical thinking skills, and work on increasing social skills.

They may teach students to understand and use verbal language, such as greetings, requests, etc. This therapy aims to facilitate more effortless conversations, understanding of spoken language, and developing literacy skills.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is commonly used to improve the quality of life of individuals living with autism. This type of therapy builds positive motor skills, such as gross motor, fine motor, and sensory-motor skills, involved in daily life activities.

A therapist works one-on-one with the client. It helps facilitate positive interactions with the environment. It will help the patient learn self-sufficiency.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is a type of psychotherapy that helps people modify their behaviors by changing how they think and view their environment. It can help people with autism by teaching them different communication and interaction methods.

It can also help people with autism learn social skills and develop better relationships with others. CBT can provide the tools individuals with autism need to live a more independent and successful life.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory integration therapy is a type of autism treatment that helps organize the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste beneficial. This type of therapy develops the individual’s ability to interpret and process sensory information and use it meaningfully.

Therapists can teach the individual skills needed to regulate their senses. To help you decide, learn more about autism therapy services located here.

Learn the Types of Therapy for Autism Today

There are different types of therapy for autism. By doing research, it is essential to discover which treatment works best for the individual and the family.

Careful consideration and understanding can help to effectively utilize each type of therapy to benefit the individual on the autism spectrum. If you have questions, please discuss the best path to success with a professional.

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