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Discover How SME Advisory Services Can Help Grow Your Business

It may feel slow and challenging to grow your small or medium-based enterprises in the present economic environment. When you lack the financial analyses and insights necessary to lead you in decision-making and business operations, your business may go downhill.

Identifying problems and working out solutions through changes may not be easy when you have too many hats to wear and can’t keep your emotions from clouding your judgement of what is best for your business. SME advisory services can help in this situation. These services are designed to assist SME businesses by offering strategic solutions in mergers and acquisitions, divestments and improving shareholder returns to help your business grow.

For instance, DBS Bank offers strategic advisory services to SMEs through the right people and experience to help them with M&A deals, find the right partners for strategic investments and joint ventures, and identify acquisition targets.

Strategic Advisory Services for M&A, Joint Venture, and Divestments

Using strategic advisory services will help you have access to the right people, resources, and expertise to assist you in successfully integrating a target and increasing the M&A deal value. For instance, DBS connects you with its M&A integration specialists, who can assist you with identifying synergies, designing operational models, functional integration, and change management.

Moreover, they will also help you stabilize your business by managing crises in the short term. You can successfully position your business for recovery through divestments, strategic investments, mergers, or acquisitions.

Through more integrated and operationalized mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and alliances, you have the advisory team helping you with strategic growth. In this process, they refine your growth strategy, conduct deal sourcing, maximize synergies, and perform due diligence and valuation during M&A integration in a fast-paced market.

M&A deal sourcing includes:

  • Identify strategic investors, acquisition targets, buyers, and alliance or joint venture partners for your business
  • Assess them to ensure that they are strategically fit for the deal
  • Assist in obtaining debt and equity money; and
  • Offer an unbiased opinion on the deal terms

Get to Know Some Benefits of SME Advisory Services

When you apply for advisory services, you get:

  • Connected to an experienced team

You try different strategies trying to determine which ones are effective and profitable. With SME advisory services, you can have an expert team with considerable knowledge and experience in your industry and business.

The strategic team includes professionals from different industries, and hence they have different ideas that they can think outside the box and give creative solutions. They can assist you in incorporating effective strategies and coordinating your business activities to help grow your company.

  • Have a clear perspective 

You have been running your business successfully all these years and have put a lot of time, money, and effort into managing it. Possibly, you may easily lose sight of issues in front of you when you’re emotionally committed. The strategic advisory team is expert enough to identify the real problems that affect your company.

They are unbiased in that they thoroughly examine your business processes and provide you with valuable insights into what your SME needs. They’ll also be able to recommend ways to grow your business to the next level.

Your business can seek SME advisory services if you are looking for buyers and strategic investors or to increase shareholder returns.