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4 Gifts for Your Dog-Lover Friends

Maybe it’s your friend’s birthday, it’s Christmas, or it’s just a random day when you decide it’s time to get your dog-loving pal a gift. What are some fun, creative gift ideas for people who love dogs? Obviously, the top choice would be another dog, but that might not always be received with the most enthusiasm. We’re here today to tell you four of the best gifts to give your dog-lover friends. From personalized dog bowls to grooming wipes and everything in-between, after reading this article, you’re sure to have so many ideas on what to gift your dog-loving friend.

Personalized Dog Bowl

A unique gift that any dog-lover is sure to obsess over is a personalized dog bowl. Dog bowls from Wild One are perfect to gift because you can add up to 26 characters to the outside of the bowl. How sweet would it be to gift a dog bowl to your friend with their dog’s name printed on it? Better yet, if your friend has multiple furry friends, get separate bowls with each of their dogs’ names. These dog bowls come in four stunning colors: black, tan, lilac, and spruce, a pleasant dark green color. Each bowl is carefully made with food-grade stainless steel, so their pets will be completely free from harm when they eat out of these dog bowls. Each bowl has a non-slip base, ensuring that the bowl won’t move around and spill when their dog is eating dinner. Oh, and did we mention these bowls are dishwasher safe? Not only are they safe for dogs, personalizable, and aesthetically pleasing, but they’re super easy to clean, too. Get the Wild One dog bowl for your dog-loving friend, and they’ll love you for it.

Harness Walk Kit

If your friend likes taking their pet on walks a lot, then this next gift will be absolutely perfect for them. Each Wild One Harness Walk Kit comes with a waterproof leash, a poop bag carrier, and, of course, a dog-walking harness. The Harness Walk Kit comes in 11 colors, and you can even mix and match those colors for the individual items in the kit to match your friend’s vibe perfectly. The harness in the kit comes in four different sizes, so whether your friend has an itty-bitty chihuahua or an intimidatingly large German shepherd, there will be a size just right for their dog. If you’re considering what to get for your dog-loving friend who has an active pup that loves to go on walks, look no further than the Wild One Harness Walk Kit.

Tennis Tumble

The Wild One Tennis Tumble is a gift that will keep any dog entertained for hours on end. The Tennis Tumble dog toy was specifically designed for solo play, so if your friend’s dog spends a lot of time doing their own thing, then consider getting them this unique dog toy. The Tennis Tumble toy consists of a rubber barrel that contains a trapped tennis ball, and their pup will spend hours playing with it to try to get it out. This dog toy is BPA-free and meets food-grade standards. We don’t want your furry friend to ingest any harmful chemicals during their playtime. The Tennis Tumble comes in five cute colors, and the lilac version comes with unique tennis balls of the same shade that are only available with the lilac Tennis Tumble. Give your dog-lover friend the gift of solo playtime for their dog with the Wild One Tennis Tumble.

Grooming Wipes

It can sometimes be a pain to bring your dog in after they just spent 20 minutes running around outside in the mud, but you gotta do what you gotta do for your pets (and for the cleanliness of your home). A unique gift to get for your friend who has a pet that loves to get their paws dirty is a pack or two of Wild One Grooming Wipes. One pack includes 70 eco-friendly coconut water- and aloe vera-infused wipes you can use to clean all the mud and dirt from your pet when they come inside. These grooming wipes are vegan, hypoallergenic, human-grade, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and basically every other eco-friendly quality you can think of. Your dog-lover friend will not only thank you for this gift but also for making their lives so much easier.

Finding a unique gift for your friend that loves dogs really isn’t too hard; you just have to know where to look, and Wild One has so many options for gifts for dog lovers. By gifting your friend something they can use with their dog, you’re showing that you care for not only them but also for their pets, and that will mean the world to them. Check out the Wild One online shop to find the perfect gift for your dog-lover friends today.