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Digital-Century Reports Epic Games Store Listing of Illuvium (ILV) Signals a Turning Point in Blockchain Gaming

Illuvium’s innovative approach and upcoming debut on the Epic Games Store could reshape the future of blockchain gaming and provide a gateway to the mainstream gaming world.

London, England, United Kingdom, November 15, 2023 – Illuvium, a blockchain-based game developed by Illuvium Labs, is gearing up for a significant milestone in its journey towards mainstream adoption. With its imminent listing on the Epic Games Store, Illuvium is poised to tap into a vast audience of PC and mobile gamers, potentially ushering blockchain games into the mainstream gaming world. This development marks a pivotal moment for Illuvium and the broader blockchain gaming industry. In this article, Daniel Oscar Wahlberg, an expert from Digital-Century, has explored the exciting potential and difficulties that Illuvium will confront as it enters this next era.

Diversifying Game Genres to Reach a Wider Audience

Illuvium has been painstakingly preparing for its debut on the Epic Games Store, a platform renowned for hosting chart-topping titles like Fortnite. Kieran Warwick, Illuvium’s co-founder, shared insights into the game’s evolution to cater to a mainstream audience and meet the store’s standards. The game, built using Unreal Engine 5 on the Immutable X network, offers a multi-genre experience. Its beta launch on Epic Games will feature three distinct games set in the Illuvium universe:

  • Overworld: An Open-World Exploration Game

Overworld provides players with an open-world exploration experience and the opportunity to capture creatures in a style reminiscent of beloved classics. This genre choice is a smart move, aiming to attract fans of exploration and creature-capturing games.

  • Arena: Auto Battler Strategy Game

Arena is an auto-battler strategy game offering tactical gameplay for competitive gamers. It adds diversity to the Illuvium gaming experience and caters to those who love strategic challenges.

  • Zero: Mobile and Desktop City Builder

Zero, a city-builder game, connects with other worlds, adding another layer of complexity to the Illuvium cosmos. This genre choice widens the game’s appeal to city-building enthusiasts.

Illuvium’s approach of offering three different games in three different genres significantly increases its addressable market. While the development process took time, this diversification strategy aims to attract a broader audience of gamers who might not have explored blockchain-based games previously.

Removing Barriers to Entry

Blockchain games, particularly those involving non-fungible tokens (NFTs), have struggled to gain traction in the mainstream gaming industry. A major hurdle has been the perceived barrier to entry for non-Web3 gamers. Many NFT games have required players to have a cryptocurrency wallet and a significant investment to participate. Illuvium is addressing this challenge head-on by removing these barriers. It offers a free-to-play model, eliminating the need for wallets and making it accessible to a wider audience.

Challenges and Concerns

While Illuvium’s journey to mainstream adoption is marked by optimism, it is not without its challenges. The gaming industry has seen hesitance from mainstream publishers when it comes to embracing Web3 and its associated infrastructure. Concerns revolve around issues like game design integrity, the risk of introducing pay-to-win mechanics, and potential disruptions to existing business models that rely on distribution fees.

Regulatory concerns also linger, as blockchain technology and NFTs exist in a grey area in various regions. The crypto market’s volatility and the perception of fraud are additional concerns for mainstream publishers. Illuvium’s listing on the Epic Games Store could potentially pave the way for addressing some of these concerns and offering a positive example of blockchain gaming integration.

Illuvium’s Listing as a Milestone

Despite these obstacles, Illuvium’s planned placement on the Epic Games Store is a huge step forward for both the game and the greater blockchain gaming sector. Kieran Warwick emphasizes that this achievement is a major step forward and that it has long been anticipated by enthusiasts. It signifies the increasing recognition of Web3 gaming as a significant trend within the crypto space.

Price Performance and Market Activity

To add a financial perspective to the Illuvium story, at the time of writing, the price of Illuvium (ILV) stands at $83.61, demonstrating a remarkable 29.32% price increase in the last 24 hours and a staggering 70.3% increase over the past 14 days. The trading volume for ILV has soared to $73,851,249 in the last 24 hours, indicating a 721.20% increase from just a day ago. In the past 30 days, ILV has shown a remarkable change of 114.4%, while its one-year change stands at a solid 70.0%.

Furthermore, Illuvium’s performance over the last seven days has been impressive, with a price increase of 64.10%. This places it ahead of the global cryptocurrency market, which has seen a 7.00% increase, as well as outperforming similar Ethereum Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, which have grown by 12.70%.


In conclusion, Illuvium’s imminent listing on the Epic Games Store is a testament to the game’s determination to break through the barriers of the mainstream gaming industry. The diversity of game genres, coupled with the removal of entry barriers for players, has positioned Illuvium for success. 

While challenges and concerns persist, this move could signal a turning point in the blockchain gaming space. The impressive price performance and increased market activity further underscore the excitement surrounding Illuvium’s journey towards mainstream adoption. It’s a journey that both gamers and crypto enthusiasts will be keen to watch as it unfolds.


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