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Calculate the ROI of Your Applicant Tracking System Using THIS Calculator

Recruit CRM recently launched an ATS ROI calculator that helps recruiters measure the profitability of using an Applicant Tracking System.

Using this calculator, one can find out the amount of time and money they would save by using a robust recruiting software.

Let us further decode what ROI means.

What is Return on Investment (ROI)?

ROI is a versatile and simple performance metric used to measure the profitability of an investment in a tool or software.

Here are three benefits of relying on ROI while selecting a software:

  • Users can accurately measure work efficiency and productivity.
  • Users can get a detailed competitive analysis to compare different software.
  • Users can determine the savings they will make by choosing that tool.

The formula to calculate ROI is:

( Profit gained / Cost of investment ) * 100

But even to calculate the profits, a lot of math is to be done.

To save people from doing the math, Recruit CRM introduced this ATS ROI Calculator.

“The major reason why we introduced this ROI calculator was that a lot of people wanted solid stats and numbers while selecting an ATS. Simply put, recruiters just wanted to know if they were really saving time and money after investing in a tool or not,” says Shoanak Mallapurkar, the CEO of Recruit CRM.

After using the ROI calculator, one can get detailed insights on these outcomes:

  • The number of hours they can save while recruiting.
  • Amount of hiring costs they can reduce.

And if the numbers here are not convincing here, users can switch to an ATS + CRM software that actually delivers.

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