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BuzzFlick Explores Six First-Class Styles for Whiteboard Animation Videos in 2023

Houston, TX, USA, September 26, 2023 – Animated videos are everywhere. But very recently, we’ve seen the spread of whiteboard animation on socials. Whiteboard animations are there to educate, inform and inspire viewers.

While it can always be great to produce videos that feature a few seconds of whiteboard animation, it would be best if you actually knew about what type of animation to use and when.

So, to save you the hurdle, we’ve compiled six first-class styles of whiteboard animation in 2023. Give it a read and you’ll love it!

Whiteboard explainer video

Ideally, you can choose to have a whiteboard explainer video that has a length of 2-3 minutes. A whiteboard explainer can also be taken as an overview video that will serve as an elevator pitch for your prospects.

Here’s the tip:

When picking this style of whiteboard animation video, you want to make sure the video is complete enough to sum up what your organization is, it’s vision and mission, and also clearly highlight your unique selling proposition or what sets you apart from others in the business.

Know that this style of whiteboard animation videos is more suited to share why you do what you do. Don’t invest your time in telling the ‘how’ as an overview explainer is meant to be precise, and simple.

Pre-roll ad

This style of whiteboard animation service is more suited to get attention fast. Ideally the length can be 15-60 seconds since it’s an ad. Plus, since it’s a pre-roll ad, whiteboard animation might just work well to draw interest of viewers on YouTube.

Pre-roll ads tend to annoy viewers on YouTube. But, if you’ve spellbinding animations to catch your viewers off guard, then it’s worth it. Whiteboard animations are made to educate.

Plus, with a moving pen telling a story, people are drawn to your message easily, also improving comprehension. Thus, it can be a cost-effective way to reach your most qualified audience using pre-roll ads.

Animated product video

The duration for this whiteboard animation video can be anywhere between 90 to 180 seconds.

Yes, this one is really popular and you would want to use it when creating a video around the pain points or problems of your customers and show them how your product solves them using animation.

Ideally speaking, this kind of whiteboard animation is more suited for your product page. You can even choose to get into the nitty-gritty of your product however without underscoring on the engagement factor of your video

So, in contrast to whiteboard explainers, an animated product video will actually walkthrough your prospects to your solution for their problems. It focuses on the ‘how’.

Social video

Created for social change campaigns, this style of whiteboard animation is relatively new. But has picked up steam in no time and there’s a good number of brands investing in social videos that use whiteboard animation in 2023.

The purpose of such video is not just to intrigue the audience using a thought-provoking concept, but you would also want to win thousands of social shares to raise awareness of a greater magnitude.

Such social videos might also be good for seasonal campaigns. You can use them to for common health issues that need attention, or social ills like alcohol, smoking and drug abuse.

Or even take the stage to raise awareness on environmental health. The duration can be anywhere between 120 and 180 seconds.

Holiday Campaign

Ideally, the length of a holiday campaign can be anywhere between 15 and 60 seconds.

This style of whiteboard animation video is more suited to greetings and appreciations. You may use it as a message of warmth and friendliness for clients, older clients and even vendors.

While it may seem fruitless, know that all the big companies have kept it as a practice they won’t eliminate from their messaging. Plus, when you send such warm messaging using whiteboard animation, you stand out.

You’re able to create a charming impression that will also keep you on the radar of your client.

Office animation

Also known by the name of training animation, this style of whiteboard animation is meant for long-form content such as employee training. The duration can be anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes.

It serves the purpose of keeping training programs efficient and consistent throughout all tiers of your organization. Office animation or training animation video may also work well when you’ve a new product that needs to be introduced to your employees or sales team in particular.

Even though we just finished discussing the six styles of whiteboard animation, there are two more included in our list just as a bonus for you.

Whiteboard presentations

You can choose to have an entire whiteboard presentation or just include some whiteboard work in your PowerPoint presentation.

Whiteboard animation may be ideal to pique interest of your viewers, and deliver an outstanding presentation. The ideal length for a whiteboard animation is 5 – 45 seconds.

So, the whiteboard animation video cost would be much cheaper for this one. However, if you wish to turn it into an entire presentation then the duration of a video can exceed up to 10 minutes.

Fundraising video

Ideally, the length of a fundraising video can be anywhere between 1 and 2 minutes. Fundraising videos are very important if your goal is to raise awareness and motivate people to donate.

Besides, you can even use whiteboard animation for the purpose of a fundraising pitch deck. It will help your viewers grasp your vision very easily. Plus, having it all in painted in a beautiful whiteboard animation makes it appear more captivating and convincing.

Wrapping up

Let’s wrap this one up. Above we covered eight styles of whiteboard animation video that are hot in 2023.

From using whiteboard animation in pre-roll ads to educational explainers and fundraising pitch decks, we have covered pretty much everything. We also covered the purpose or objective you should have when choosing each of the styles of whiteboard animation.

Plus, we also expanded on what’s the ideal length for each style of video. Now, it’s your time. Make sure to delight your viewers with some captivating whiteboard animation.

Hope you got a nugget or two from this one.


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