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5 Legal Tips If you were injured in a car accident

Unfortunately, a large number of traffic accidents occur during one year. In the US, that’s over 5 million people. We hope that this will not happen to you, but you should always be prepared.

Regardless of whether you were responsible for the accident or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you will be under too much stress to think clearly. That is why it is important to inform yourself in advance if you are ever involved in a car accident. Read the legal tips we got from layers who are partners in Bojat Law Group and that tips will help you protect your rights.

1.  Call the police and emergency services

If we find ourselves in a traffic accident, it is very important that we act calmly, correctly and in accordance with the law and ethics at the moment. Therefore, do not leave the scene of the accident. An example of a common mistake made by injured parties after a collision is not waiting for the police to arrive.

Participants are obliged to inform the police and emergency services. You must also stay until the end of the investigation, with the exception of persons who must be transported to the nearest health facility.

2.  Take care of yourself and others

If it is a minor injury, take care of the other participants in the traffic accident. After making sure that they are okay, make sure that the accident does not affect the flow of traffic. This means that you should install the necessary signage, wear a reflective vest and wear a safety triangle.

In this way, you will warn other drivers of the danger on the road. It is desirable to remove the vehicle from the road, as well as other objects that threaten the functioning of the traffic.

3.  Gather records

Once you’ve taken care of yourself and others, it’s time to exchange information with the other driver. You should ask him some basic questions to get his full name and contact information. Don’t forget your driver’s license and license plate number. Equally important is the color, model and make of the vehicle. The other party should also give you information about their insurance company.

However, that’s not the only information you should collect. Although the police will write an accident report, you need to do the same. For example, take photos of the accident scene. Be sure to take photos of your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle. Mr Sam Donabedian from Bojat Law Group told us how important it is to interview the witnesses of the car accident too.

4.  Start the claim process

The most important thing is the claim process. He starts right at the scene of the accident. You should contact your insurance company as soon as possible and find a suitable lawyer. Many companies offer mobile apps that allow you to start the process online.

That way, you will better document the details of the accident. Stay in touch with them during the processing of your request. If you’re in a new city, check out the available local personal injury attorneys.

5.  Get a doctor’s report

Be sure to see a doctor even if you feel fine. Some symptoms appear only after a few days. These can be serious injuries.

All this benefits your health and medical report. Do not forget that the medical report is one of the most important factors in submitting a claim for compensation.


The most common cause of personal injury is a traffic accident. For example, it can be on a trip or on the way to work. It is often the person who ends up injured who is the victim of someone else’s irresponsibility.

You cannot change other road users, but you can take all preventive measures. That’s why it’s important to take as much legal advice as possible from experienced law firms like Bojat Law Group who are specialized in this type of law.