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3 best online time and attendance apps for businesses

While manual management is still present in lots of firms, the owners have found real value in online time and attendance applications. They track the job hours of your workers, as well as organize shifts and pay your workers timely.

Workforce management is essential to provide great functionality for your business. Not you’re your employees will be the most productive, but you will prevent overworking them which affects their satisfaction.

In this article, we’ll talk about the time and attendance applications you should consider using in your business. They come with various options and come with different price points, so, by getting further information you’ll surely be a step closer to choosing the right tool to promote your business.


As a software based on cloud services, this application works on lots of different devices including checkout counters. It helps in creating unique shifts and tracks the hours that each worker has put in. In addition, it can be further adjusted with personalized wages to provide your workers with appropriate payment.

The interface of this online time and attendance application is super friendly making the navigation through the system quite easily. There is no limitation on the number of workers that can be managed through the app which provides future scalability.

The free option may be enough if you only need this tool for hours and shift creations. If you need more features like tracking and payment plans, you can simply get a paid version.


BuddyPunch is another great online time and attendance application that not only tracks the hours of your workers but is equipped with lots of helpful functions as well.

For example, specific locations, as well as codes, can be added for each worker which makes it suitable for firms with numerous departments. The clocking feature works on various devices, so people can log in using facial recognition or a QR code apart for the regular user and password option.

Although this is not a free application, it is reasonably priced so every business can afford it no matter its size. However, you will be getting options like accessing the location of your employees for increased accountability, IP address locks, payment options, and tracking the project. These Employee Attendance Tracker features are surely helpful and will promote business growth.


If your firm works with rotating employees that need accurate timing, this can be the right time and attendance tool. The weekly plan lets you rotate the workers, and for every inactive user, you are paying a small fee of fifty cents.

If you are located in the US, there is a version that can be used cost-free. If you require more functions, you can go for a paid option which is highly affordable. Even though it is a fairly easy tool, it might take a while to get used to it since the options cannot be easily found.

This app can be used on various devices including smartwatches. The clocking system is highly secure, and it offers location metrics, to ensure your employees are logging in from the appropriate spot. In addition, shifts can be created using artificial intelligence which makes the job more efficient for you as a manager.