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What Are the 41 Cutest Red Hair Colors to Match Your Skin Tone?

You can pull off scarlet hair, whether melanin-rich or the fairest and countless examples support this claim.

Stop there if you’re wondering if you can pull off red hair. No matter your level of melanin or fairness, there is a flaming color out there that will suit you and get you tons of compliments. You heard it here first. Still doubtful? Give us a chance to convince you otherwise.

Look to celebrities with red hair like Emma Stone, Rihanna, and Lupita Nyong’o, who have all done it successfully at various points in their careers. Even better, we consulted a few hair-color authorities to help clear up the confusion once and for all because, well, when it comes to hair color, it pays to have an expert on hand.

Now start scrolling and continue reading to learn how to discover the ideal shade of crimson for you. Here are 41 options for red hair that suit every skin tone.

Fair: Neutral Red

Bodt praised Madeline Brewer of Orange Is the New Black’s deep color as “simply beautiful” at the 2018 Emmy Awards. Her skin’s neutral-yellow undertones and this neutral-toned red go well together. It’s not quite a cool violet, but it’s also not overly coppery or warm, according to Bodt. The quest is for neutral skin tones.

Fair: Dusty Red

Colorist Rachel Bodt lists Madelaine Petsch from Riverdale as one of her “favorite red references.” She describes the red as gentle and dusty, so it won’t starkly contrast with the color of your skin. According to Bodt, “it’s perfect for someone who is scared to try red because of how mild the tone is. She suggests this color for clients with a pale complexion and pink or yellow undertones.

Suppose you, your customer, or anyone after this excellent dusty red needs more length or volume. In that case, hair extensions are ideal for this hair color and style.

Fair: Ginger Sparkling

Colorist and creator of #Mydentity Guy Tang like using gold tones on fair-skinned ladies like Emma Stone to highlight the eye color and give the overall appearance more depth. Also, he says that intense reds give pale skin a more dynamic appearance. Given that Stone is wearing this sparkling shade, this is true. For a……………………..

Fair: Rosy Copper

Given how easily Sophie Turner pulls off Sansa Stark’s notorious golden-chestnut tint, I still find it difficult to believe the Game of Thrones actress isn’t her natural color. According to New York City colorist Nikki Ferrara, this is probably because the medium copper brings out the pink tones in her cheeks and gives her fair complexion a creaminess, giving her an almost childlike rosy glow. According to Ferrara, the pink-orange tint also highlights the radiance of her blue eyes.

Fair: Dark Strawberry

According to Perry, Jessica Chastain’s cooler, strawberry-blonde shade “complements her skin tone and light eyes” since it looks natural. The strawberry tones help draw the pink out of the complexion, providing a more neutral, even impression. Colorist Aura Friedman also notes that this color works great on pale skin tones with pinker. It’s obvious why Chastain has yet to deviate much from this color.

Fair: Bright Crimson

Christina Hendricks is a classic redhead who admirably wears this “rich crimson tone” because it brings out the red in her skin and gives her a charming natural blush. Ferrara claims that “[those] with red undertones in their skin” benefit from this. Her blue eyes also become a darker color due to their depth.

Fair: Roasted Ginger

Julianne Moore has roasted ginger-red hair, which is both fashionable and timeless. According to hair colorist Kristen Kell of Salon SCK in New York City, “we’ve seen a lot of this hue this fall.” They anticipate the deep shade of red will be just as popular this winter.

Fair: Brick Red

“We understand that choosing a solid red can seem overwhelming. Please let me know what color red brick actress Natasha Lyonne is wearing. For individuals with brown hair who want to experiment with the red hair trend,” according to Kell, it’s a contented middle ground. “fair skin with peachy undertones” should especially love this color.

Fair: Muted Sunset

We can’t envision the singer Florence Welch in any other color, which is why her recognizable sunset waves are so well-known. According to Kell, the “Dog Days Are Over” singer’s pale skin complements this color best since “the combination of copper and neutral tones creates warmth.”

Fair: Rosewood

According to colorist Jason Lee, this perfectly illustrates how a deep, coppery red complements a pale complexion with pink undertones. “Copper complements Amy’s gorgeous fair skin and blue eyes so wonderfully. That is a terrific illustration of how folks with fair skin tones may play with various tones, from rich to lighter copper, and looks extremely natural and complementing.”

Light: Mahogany

Tauni Dawson, a hairstylist at Nine Zero One Salon in Los Angeles, thinks this red-brown tone is also a suitable option for someone who isn’t naturally redheaded, even though Ellie Kemper is a redhead. This color “isn’t overly vivid,” according to Dawson, making it an easy step up for brunettes needing a hair change. Here, Kemper wears a subtle natural-toned gloss on her lips while letting her hair color (and well-groomed brows) take center stage.

Light-Medium: Fiery Orange

You might be tempted to make a hair appointment after spotting model Niki Wu Jie with her vivid red hair, but Kell cautions caution. She says, “This is high-maintenance copper, and limit washing to maintain the endurance of the color.” In other words, there might be better choices than this hue if you find it challenging to give up everyday washing.

Light-Medium: Copper Blossom

The Brazilian actress Marina Ruy Barbosa’s copper blossom hair color is surprisingly simple on blonde hair, making it ideal for easing into the red hair trend. Why? According to Kell, this light red-copper tint looks best on a cool-toned complexion and is simple to achieve with blonde hair and a gloss.

Light-Medium: Ember

We need to mention the iconic (and natural!) ember shade of actress Sadie Sink to talk about the best red hair hues. Copper-red is a fantastic combination of red-orange and brown on light skin tones, and it looks the best on those with blue, green, or hazel eyes, according to Kell. (The Stranger Things actor has blue eyes, in case you didn’t notice.)

Light-Medium: Bright Auburn

Freidman advises using an auburn red combination of warm and cool undertones for a medium complexion with warm and cold undertones. Also, she says that those with medium skin tones are fortunate since they have the most variety of red styles.

For medium complexion tones, Perry continues, “Paprika and auburn highlights are perfect.” She also says she prefers a darker root to provide a more natural-looking, lively appearance. The lesson: If you’re on the light-medium side of the spectrum, you shouldn’t be afraid to try out various red hues, especially if they’re unique, like the one Bella Thorne is wearing in this photo.

Light-Medium: Old-Hollywood Auburn

Julia Roberts’ hair was this auburn tone before she went all millennial with her rose-gold tint (which she followed with blonde). Dawson thinks the color looks best on those with hazel, green, or blue eyes. “That works beautifully since they’re complementing colors,” she says.

Light-Medium: Sangria

According to Kell, the cool-toned sangria red hair of Taiwanese singer Ouyang Nana is more pink than copper since it contains a blend of warm red and some blue color. The magenta color is “extremely flexible,” according to the expert, making it a wise choice for people just dipping their toes into the trend.

Light-Medium: Pumpkin Spice

Since there are so many variations of red hair, no two people have the same ideal shade. For the actress Karen Gillan, it’s pumpkin spice, better described as a “brunette-based red,” according to Kell. According to the expert, this color “looks wonderful against brown eyes” and “truly pops out on lighter skin.”

Light-Medium: Blood Orange

Fair to medium complexion tones can undoubtedly pull off earthy auburn. Still, Kell adds that they also look stunning in vibrant corals and coppers. An illustration of this is the striking color of the actress HoYeon Jung.

Medium: Orange-Red

Isla Fisher is highly known for her trademark color, a well-balanced orange-red. For clients with a pale complexion and pink or yellow undertones, Bodt suggests this hue. Yet, “a version of her hue would also work on olive undertones” because of the tone’s subtle coldness. In essence, one shade suits all.

Medium: Blue-Red

Ferrara explains that those with medium-to-tan skin have a lot of freedom to experiment with various red hues. J-Hope, a member of BTS, most likely has a balancing color between pink and yellow tones in his complexion, although generally neutral overall, so he pulls off this red color so expertly. (Interesting fact: J-Hope has also been fluorescent orange and cotton candy pink.)

Medium: Berry Ombré

We believe that a well-done ombré is difficult to mess up, as proven by film director Rohena Gera’s berry and black bob, a style — and color — Kell approves of. She claims deeper wine hues look lovely on those with medium to dark complexion tones.

Medium: Glistening Auburn

Sarah Hyland’s sparkling auburn color is an excellent place to start if you have a medium skin tone like her and want to ease into the red-haired lifestyle. Because Sarah has golden tones running through her hair, the color complements her olive skin tone, according to Ferrara. She continues, “The copper in the mix, which contrasts with the blue, also pulls out her eye color.

Tan: Cherry Coke

“Cherry red or vivid crimson looks fantastic with tan skin tones; it enhances one’s natural radiance,” says Tang. Demi Lovato flaunts a subdued cherry-Coke tint in this photo, which deepens her eyes for a more dramatic look and gives her complexion a lively, fresh appearance. This color is the perfect middle ground if you’re darker but don’t want to go all-out bright (or even neon) cherry.

Deep Tan: Merlot

The statement shade used by Kehlani “needed many layers of colors,” according to Bodt. Tell your colorist to concentrate on the cool red shade first to get this look, and then “add a violet gloss to keep it extremely wine-toned and chilly.” This color perfectly suits Kehlani’s skin tone thanks to the face-framing roots and violet gloss.

Deep Tan: Gilded Russet

Even though Rihanna has mastered nearly all colors, including numerous shades of red, this one is difficult to surpass. Ferrara says, “I’d characterize this as a coppery red color, and I genuinely love this. She says, “The golden undertone of this hair color goes beautifully with the gold in her skin tone.

Deep Tan: Fiery Red

It’s not surprising that Cardi B pulled off what Rachel Bodt calls “an orange-based red,” considering she is the queen of rainbow wigs and rapid hair changes. Cardi’s skin has copper undertones that help balance the color. Her gold hair accessories add an extra pop of color. Bodt believes the appearance gives him Ziggy Stardust’s feelings, which is never wrong.

Deep Tan: Plum Strands

Amandla Stenberg incorporates the color into her box braids to represent red tones. The traditional look is a beautiful way to experiment with color without concern about bleaching. The burgundy undertones in Stenberg’s look make it look like she’s only committed to the color.

Colorist Colissa Nole from Missouri explains, “This fits her skin tone since she has a naturally cooler undertone in her face.” Her cheeks are pink, softening her features and making this magenta-based red and purple look great.

Dark: Multi-Dimensional Red

Bodt thinks dimension is essential when going red with curly hair, and he likes how Kelis’s color is bright but not too loud. She advises applying shades of base color throughout the hair, from roots to ends. The appearance of multiple dimensions aids in the curl’s shaping.

Dark: Deep Cinnamon

There are “several reasons,” according to Nole, why Jourdan Dunn’s dash of auburn looks so stunning. She notes that the tonal quality of her hair changes due to the glow that she has in her skin. Golden tones tend to have the most shine because yellow pigments reflect light. This coppery auburn-red color reflects light well and brings out her cheekbones.

Dark: Burnt Orange

According to Perry, anyone can wear red hair; all one needs to do is prepare ahead of time. “Eye color, personal style, and lifestyle are key considerations, too, even though skin tone is the main factor.” Teyana Taylor is an excellent example of this because her color is fun and complements her overall appearance.

Friedman declares, “I’m really into this bright orange, almost coral color.” “The orange matches it fairly well because she has many cool blue undertones in her complexion.” Feel free to experiment with more unusual, out-of-the-ordinary reds since they can become your go-to hue.

Dark: Red Apple

Make Taraji P. Henson’s red apple hair one of the boldest and glitzy red hair color inspirations you should aspire to if you want to stand out. Kell claims that, in particular, the way it is done complements darker skin tones. The colorist says that the Empire star’s red hair is darker at the base to give it more depth.

Dark: Blackberry

According to Friedman, the violet in this red “complements her golden tones” of Keke Palmer’s maroon braids. Also, according to Perry, darker skin tones and the hair itself sparkle when using berry tones like these.

She continued, “It gives the image of the sun streaming down on the hair.” We’ll just say Palmer appears to be involved in that situation (even though it seems to be the middle of the night in this photo). Although her color leans more toward the purple side, it still has enough warmth to achieve a remarkably pleasing balance.

Dark: Dark Sienna

The Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham has worn several distinctive hair colors and styles over the years. Still, these fiery sienna curls take the cake. Just take a look at that flawless balayage, I mean. Kell appreciates how the vivid color gives the actress’s skin a “warm glow” and brightens her appearance.

Dark: Burnished Tangerine

SZA’s long layers and burnished tangerine color give off strong 90s vibes that are perfect for countless mirror selfies. Because of “her warmer undertone wonderfully complementing the brighter orangey color,” as Kell puts it.

Deep: Violet Red

Perry advises a reddish-purple color, similar to the semi-permanent shade Lupita Nyong’o introduced at the 2014 Met Gala, for anyone with rich skin tones like the exquisite Lupita Nyong’o. She advised sticking with a purple-colored red, such as plum or merlot. It gives the skin more radiance and the entire appearance of being lit from within. (In my opinion, Nyong’o could easily pull off any shade of red.)

Deep: Cherry Coke

Missy Elliott’s eyes have a lovely chestnut tint to them. Therefore this shade complements them beautifully, according to Ferrara. She continues, “It’s almost as if this hair color was developed just for her. And we totally concur. It undoubtedly makes her eyes sparkle, and the rapper looks young and fashionable in the purple-red hue.

Deep: Maroon

The more vibrant, the better,” says Kell, referring to how stunning maroon-red hair appears on people with deeper skin tones. She claims that it has an impact since it draws attention to one’s characteristics. La La Anthony’s curly, side-parted strands are the evidence. It is praiseworthy to have such a vibrant red hair color.

Deep: Vermillion

A popular request at the salon is to “appear natural.” Still, there’s also a good argument for a daring, eye-catching hairstyle as singer Arlo Parks wore to the 2021 Grammy Awards. According to Kell, this appearance is “dramatic and eye-catching” but necessitates diligent upkeep.

The expert advises getting your hair bleached blonde and toned with pure red-orange to attain this hair color. Not only that, but your hair will “need regular usage of color-depositing conditioners like Overtone to last” after all that hair dye.

Dark: Ruby Red

Red looks stunning on all skin tones and hair types, as is obvious, and Lizzo’s rich red mane is no exception. According to Kell, the chart-ruby topper’s red hair is slightly darker at the base, which gives her curls character. She continues, saying that “coloring may disturb one’s curl pattern” and that regular deep conditioning treatments are essential after hair change.

Deep: Gilded Auburn

We’ll never forget the time Viola Davis arrived at the 2012 Oscars wearing nothing but coils and kinks. The actress had auburn-colored hair, which contrasted beautifully with her dark skin. According to Nole, the impact of the beautiful copper undertones she possesses makes this hair color really stunning. The eyeliner and outfit make this look pop because green is a hue that complements red.


In conclusion, red hair can be an excellent choice for people with certain skin tones. Those with fair skin and cool undertones can benefit from various red shades, from strawberry blonde to deep auburn. Those with warmer undertones may find copper or ginger shades work better.

It’s essential to consider the contrast between your skin tone and hair color and the intensity and brightness of the red shade you choose. Ultimately, it’s up to personal preference and experimenting with different shades to find the perfect match. With the right shade of red hair, you can enhance your natural beauty and stand out from the crowd.

Last, all hairstyles or colors can be achieved using hair extensions or hair toppers. To avoid your natural hair being overly dyed, consider using top-notch hair extensions, toppers, or other hair systems for women that will allow you to sport all sorts of hairstyles and keep your natural hair intact.

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