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Adam Mustafa Jijine, the owner of the video production company Shams Media, explains why business videos are the future of the marketing world in Israel.

Adam Mustafa Jijine is a photographer, handyman, and editor. It wouldn’t be wrong to call him “Jack of all trades,” as he does nearly everything. Being a great investor, he also invests a lot in his page and continues to support more and more every day. Having gained much knowledge and experience from his work, he wants to impart this knowledge and share his experiences with others. So he also lectures people who have just started businesses or are planning to make investments to create their businesses to move forward.

Additionally, he also shoots promotional videos and productions. Since he is a successfully established influencer and businessman, he uploads content to his official and personal page so that people can see his unique and creative work. Instead of working alone, he likes to work with a team. Talking about the team, he has a photography and editing team that helps him in respective matters. Using his vast knowledge and experience, he also writes content and acts in many productions.

Adam Mustafa Jijine is also the owner of Shams Media’s video production company, which has participated with hundreds. If not thousands of clients and provides marketing, photography, and advertising services for large companies and commercial interests.

According to Adam Mustafa Jijine, releasing engaging and unique content is the ultimate objective of a great video production company like Shams Media. It attracts the attention of the audience like nothing else! This is because engaging and original material has the power to secure your success.

To know what your audience enjoys and wants to see, you must keep up with content marketing trends and data. The most popular trend right now is video content.

According to Adam Mustafa Jijine, 90% of consumers say that seeing a video helps them choose a product. The future of content marketing is predicted to revolve around video marketing, which is just one of the reasons behind this.

Thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, people now interact with more digital information than ever. Video material, when executed correctly, may make you stand out from the competition. That is why Adam Mustafa Jijine says that videos are the future of the marketing world.

Adam believes that your material becomes more understandable through video. Long articles can occasionally turn readers away. Even when you include pertinent details and essential information, too much writing has proved to be discontinued and never finished most of the time.

That issue is resolved with video content. You provide the customer a means to learn what to expect before they read a word by giving the article’s or post’s essential elements in video form.

Several international firms use this method. In addition to offering well-written, educational pieces, they also include short films highlighting the main ideas.

For more information and tips, contact Adam via the website or his personal Instagram profile,

– website: https://www.shamsmediaa.com/

– Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/adam_jijine/