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FIFA Coins – how do you make money fast?

With the first releases of FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode, it quickly became apparent that FUT Coins were crucial to your team’s standing. FUT Coins allow you to climb the career ladder and make the game considerably easier. Without them, you can’t do much.

But what can you do to accumulate a sufficient number of Coins in a short space of time? What methods does the game offer and are there other options? We answer these and other questions in this article.

FIFA Coin – what is it?

FUTCoins is the name of the virtual currency that, in the transfer market in FIFA, allows you to purchase packs and player cards. It also allows you to enter other modes (such as FUT Draft). The goal is simple: accumulate as many Coins as possible and use them to build a strong team.

Methods of acquiring FUT Coins

The game offers many possibilities, among which are:

1. playing multiple matches – this is cliché but true. The more matches you play, the more chance you have of collecting a sizeable sum. After each match, depending on the result, you receive an adequate reward. Play regularly and follow the next tips.

2. avoid buying gold packets – don’t spend Coins on something you can get elsewhere. Gold packs can come to you for reaching milestones and completing squad building challenges. You’ll also get them for Division Rivals and Squad Battles modes. The transfer market is flooded with gold packets, making them lose value quickly.

3. Waiting for a good time to sell players – logically, selling the card of a player you don’t need is sensible. However, there are moments in the game when the price of a particular player will rise. It is worth waiting and taking advantage of them.

4. use sniper tactics in the transfer market – observant players will no doubt have noticed that you can sometimes find players on the transfer market listed at a much lower price than their real value. If you manage to win such an auction, you can gain up to tens of thousands of FIFA Coins.

5. using market flooding tactics – this is quite a risky tactic, but with a bit of luck it will pay off. It involves buying as many cards as possible of a particular footballer at the lowest possible price. You then flood the transfer market with bids with the price increased by up to 300%. Some players will see your prices as normal and buy the cards.

6. Playing Squad Battles and Division Rivals – take on challenges and you will receive a certain amount of FUT Coins regardless of the outcome. Remember, the higher your rank, the more bonuses you will get. When you receive your reward, you can choose whether it should be a pack of Coins, packs of cards or both.

FIFA Coins – additional opportunities

The above-mentioned opportunities are very rewarding, but they are not always as effective as we would like them to be. In this situation, FIFA Coin sellers come to the rescue, offering top-up packs of Coins in the Internet space. Choosing the right seller (an experienced one, carrying out several hundred transactions a day) is completely safe both from the point of view of potential technical risks (sharing of certain data when performing the transfer of Coins) and from the point of view of the chance of EA detecting the procedure.