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Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod

The Yocan UNI Pro is an inexpensive and flexible oil cartridge box mod. With the low price, you may never want to rebuy another cheap vape pen.

The UNI Pro is a fully functioning 510 threaded battery with all the power characteristics that surpass vape pens and mechanical adjustment to ensure a perfect and concealed cartridge fit.

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It can be easily adjusted to fit THC or CBD oil cartridges up to 14 mm in width while concealing the tank within the mod’s body. A 650mAh battery is included, along with a selectable voltage and an OLED display that is easy to read.

Here’s a closer look at this stunning, reasonably priced vape mod.

Supreme quality construction and discrete design

This sturdy hardware is reasonably practical, well-made, and lightweight. It measures 75.5 mm by 36.5 mm by 25.7 mm and weighs just 51 grams. The rubberized covering on the C-frame makes it pleasant to handle and touch. Having a fire button that’s easily visible and audible and adjusting the voltage eliminates the error.

Since manufacturers have no uniformity regarding what these colors mean, LEDs are color-coded and correlate to voltage settings. A manufacturer may use 3.7 volts for a green light, while another may use 3.7 volts for a red light.

You may also puff on a preheated cartridge for up to 10 seconds instead of a cold coil based on the current power setting displayed on the Uni PRO’s OLED display.

The Uni PRO is equipped with a few unique features. A notch on the top closes a collar around your tank to prevent movement, and a side-slider adjusts to three different heights for the mod’s 510-platform.

You can adjust the side slider to the correct height, and it will click into place, securely retaining your tank. Then, spin the dial to lock it in. Everything works very intuitively.

As well as a lanyard connector, the Yocan UNI Pro comes with a magnetic 510 adapter for portability. To use the Uni PRO, you must screw in the tank outside the mod and drop it in.

You will be unable to use the Uni PRO without this adapter. It would help if you were meticulous about misplacing the adaptor. The kit contains only one item.

Spectacular performance

Yocan’s UNI Pro is very convenient and works as you expect from a box mod. It won’t get you as high as a pen, but it’s a much more reliable mod hardware.

Despite our appreciation for the voltage range, the user had never seen a CBD/THC cart that required more than 3.7 Volts. So far, no component of the gadget has caused me any problems.

4.2 V is beneficial, but you risk damaging a coil using too much force. Avoid overfilling your shopping basket if you want to avoid damage to the coil.

If you’re hosting friends or having extra mouths on your cart, the 650 mAh batteries will keep you and your business ripe without worrying about a dead battery.

The OLED display will indicate “low battery when your battery needs to be recharged.” Unlike pens that only glow when the battery is dead, the UNI Pro’s LED battery status indicator lets you see how much remaining battery life is left.

You may charge the hardware anywhere you usually charge a micro USB device. Use the provided charging cable to connect to the micro-USB connector at the bottom of the mod.