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Which are the 5 Best Method Wheels? How do I Choose a Good Set?

Method Wheels, known more fully as Method Racing Wheels, started off manufacturing off-road rims in 2009 and has since then launched several other types of high-tech and durable rims that will suit any terrain.

There is some chatter on the Internet about how this is a ‘Chinese company’. That’s wholly untrue; Method is a full-blooded American brand with a few specialized rims that are made in China and imported back to the US mainland with strict quality checks.

Method focuses on quality, longevity, enhanced navigability, and a handful of options for customizing its rims to satisfy even the most die-hard off-roader. Since its Method Racing Wheels, there are several models designed for street and endurance racing too.

Let’s have a quick look at the 5 best Method Wheels before we move on to a quick buying guide just for you.

5 incredible Method Wheels for 2023 and beyond

The company’s entire product range is divided into 3 sections: Rally, Race, and Street. Of these, the Street range has been most successful in a cut-throat market.

Note that all these models are manufactured using only 6061-T6 or A356 aerospace-grade aluminum alloys. Method Wheels excels in both forged and cast aftermarket rims.

1. Method 105 Beadlock: This is for serious terrain conquerors who live to drive! The 105 is one of the most widely recognized off-road models from the brand. Topping it off is the Beadlock nature, meaning that even if the tire pressure falls dangerously low on the unforgiving asphalt, the rim will still be able to hold the rubber in place and not miss a beat.

The 17-inch Method 105 suits most full-and-medium-sized SUVs and all pickup trucks. It’s small enough to help you add bigger tires for that perfect off-roading experience!

Go for the glossy black machined variant since it looks good on any vehicle.

2. Method 502 Rally: This is the best value-for-money rim for daily city and suburban use Method Wheels currently offers. This flagship of the Rally range looks chunky without going OTT, while it is as aggressive as it is sophisticated. The 502 is an eyes-shut choice for sedans, compact cars, premium hatchbacks, and SUVs.

The 17-inch 502 in a gorgeous titanium finish is currently in huge demand since it is very competitively priced.

3. Method 308 Roost: Anyone who ever said that HQ off-road rims are bound to be expensive clearly never had a look at the 308 Roost! This is a superb off-road rim that comes in either 5 or 6-bolt patterns. This indicates that the model was designed for both passenger and commercial vehicles, besides specialized off-road models.

Method Wheels recently released a stunning matte brown version of the 19-inch 308. If you are new to the off-roading world, a set of these rims will be a reliable and affordable stepping-stone as you move ahead to bigger wheels.

4. Method 305 NV: Yup, this is another off-road rim designed to arouse a certain amount of envy (or NV) among onlookers! The 18-inch 305 NV in a classy matte black is one of the handful of rims that has 3 different bolt options – 5, 6, and 8.

Clearly, it is a favorite with owners of everything starting with a Ford F-150/F-250 and its successors, the Silverado, the GMC Sierra, and top-of-the-line SUVs including the Kia Telluride, BMW’s X5, and the deluxe Porsche Cayenne.

Interestingly, this rim is made using A356 aluminum alloy. The 305 NV retains its grand 12-spoke design and is engineered to take you anywhere.

Market experts suggest this is the ace up the sleeves Method Wheels will unveil in a reinvigorated avatar once other companies showcase their forged rims.

5. Method 304 Double Standard: If you’re slightly confused by the sheer number of models that look and behave almost alike, it is the 304 Double Standard you should opt for! This is a modern icon and is highly regarded by vast swathes of experienced off-roaders across the US and over the world.

Put simply, the 304 Double Standard has load and speed ratings exceeding most competing rims in its price range. It fits brand-new trucks and beefs up even the heavy-duty SUVs that have become so commonplace. Method Wheels offers this model in 2 lug patterns: 5 and 6.

Tee off with the 18-inch 304 in a catchy silver machined finish and you’ll never regret it!

A beginners’ buying guide to Method Wheels

Most people jumping into the big, bad world of off-road rims would probably be disoriented in moments because of the information overload. The same applies to Method rims too.

Hence, before you purchase a set of powerful and attractively priced Method Wheels, remember the following points.

1. These rims are available in several lug counts and some models even have slightly altered lug spacing. It is advisable to refer to your car-owner’s manual or consult an expert.

We would gladly redirect you to AudioCity USA, a 35-year-old retailer in Santa Fe Springs, CA. It has some of the best technicians and engineers.

2. It is pretty tough to find replacement bolts for Method Wheels. Hence, whenever you are taking home a new set, get a set of these bolts straight from the manufacturer. Non-OE bolts are terrible.

3. Do read the warranty and other bells and whistles on the company’s official website before you head over to your favorite outlet.

4. Most Method Wheels are lug centric. If your vehicle accepts only hub centric rims, you might need to choose a different model.

Lastly, always purchase these beauties from authorized and reputable retailers only. Fake rims are slowly flooding the American aftermarket like the plague!