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Which Breed Of Security Dog Is The Best?

Dogs have had a long history of acting as guardian defenders for man. On top of being our lovable and furry best friends, they have, over the centuries, become some of the most effective animals when it comes to security and keeping us – and our belongings – safe.

But if you were looking to bring on a few dog patrols to watch over your home or family, which would you choose? There’s a lot out there, but which of these security dogs is the best of the best?

#1. Doberman pinscher

Perfect for those that want to give off an air of intimidation, the Doberman is an energetic beast of an animal. Known for their lean bodies and longer legs, these dogs can run exceptionally fast and are surprisingly quite intelligent, coming in as the fifth smartest breed of dog in the world.

The one downside to powerful creatures is that they can be incredibly energetic. If you’re not willing to put in the effort to keep them cared for, you’re likely to end up having them doing you more harm than good.

Dobermans are excellent for those that plan on working with the police or the military. They can work well as home security dogs but you’ll want to make sure you’re living on the larger side since they need a good amount of space.

#2. Giant Schnauzer

After the Doberman is this lovely lad, the Giant Schnauzer. Giant Schnauzers are exactly what you’d expect. They’ve got all the manners and characteristics of a standard schnauzer but are bigger. Much bigger.

If you’re someone that loves a dog that loves you back, these are great for homes with kids and babies as they are very calm and quiet.

They can almost be a bit too quiet. Though capable of handling most intruders or threats, Giant Schnauzers need a bit of training to know when to attack a threat. They rarely ever bark unless they sense danger in the area, so if you are willing to put in the time, these are a stellar breed.

#3. German Shepherd

If you know your dogs, you know that there is no other breed quite like a German Shepherd. They’re very much the ideal dog for just about anything. Loyal, confident, calm, patient, protective, intelligent, vicious, and unconscionable are all words you can use to describe these animals. What’s more, they can all be used to describe a specific dog. This is because he can be all of these things based on his environment and who he’s dealing with.

In terms of downside, the only real downside you’re going to have to deal with is the fact that your security dogs probably aren’t going to be all that unique since everyone else already has one too! Seriously, there’s a reason why you see them for any type of work, military or otherwise. They will do just about anything that you want, and they’ll do it all just for a few good head pats.