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What’s The Difference Between A Double Bed And Full Mattress?

A double bed and full mattress have similar dimensions and weight. However, a double bed is smaller than a king-sized bed. Therefore, it’s better for single sleepers. However, if you want to make the bed grow with you, a full-size mattress may be the best choice.

It Is Smaller Than A Queen Or King-Sized Bed

A double bed is smaller than a queen or a king-sized bed, but is still a good choice for small bedrooms. A double bed can fit two people in a room that’s at least eight feet wide, while a king-sized bed has more length and width. A king-sized bed is more spacious and will provide more comfort.

The standard king bed is 72″ long, eighteen inches wide, and forty inches high. There are also split queen beds available, which measure thirty inches by 80 inches (76 cm by 203 cm). The California king, which is the most common nonstandard king-sized bed, is eighty inches wide by twenty-two inches (203 cm by 203 cm).

Most couples can share a queen mattress, but if you’re in a relationship with a significant other who requires a lot of space, a king mattress may be more suitable. A king mattress is also best for families with kids and pets, since it offers more personal space.

A double bed is a good option for a smaller couple or single person. It’s roomy enough to sleep two people, but it may be too cramped for a taller person. A king or california king bed will give you more room to stretch out and sleep comfortably.

It Is More Ideal For Growing Kids

A full-size bed measures 54 inches wide by 75 inches long and is perfect for a bedroom with enough space for two people. A full-size bed can also work well for single adults and teenagers who have outgrown a twin-size bed. In addition, it can also serve as the perfect furnishing for a small guest room. If you are planning to purchase a full-size bed for your home, the minimum room size should be nine feet by 10 feet.

In most cases, you should consider purchasing a full-size mattress when your child is eight or nine years old. However, you may need to buy a new one earlier if your child experiences a sudden growth spurt. Usually, an adolescent girl will grow approximately two inches per year, while adolescent boys will grow about 3.5 inches per year.

A double bed or full size mattress will accommodate growing children for many years. In addition to being a more economical choice, a full bed can be moved easily. They also tend to fit in small spaces better than twin beds. Whether you’re planning to move to a bigger space in the future or just want an aesthetic bohemian look in your living room, a full-sized bed will be a good choice for you.

It Is Better For Single Sleepers

A full size mattress is about 15 inches wider than a twin mattress, so it is more spacious and more comfortable for a single sleeper. A full bed is also smaller than a double bed, so it is perfect for apartments and other small sleeping spaces. A full size mattress is a good alternative to a queen or king-size bed.

A full size mattress measures 54 inches long by 75 inches wide, which is about 13 inches wider than a twin mattress. It is the perfect choice for one person or a couple who needs more room and wants to conserve floor space. However, it is not large enough to accommodate larger adults or couples over six feet, and it might not be the most comfortable choice for short people.

The size of a full size mattress is also a good choice for kids. It costs more than a twin, but it is less expensive than a king or queen size bed. Additionally, full size mattresses are also available in some bunk beds. While a full size mattress is perfect for children, teenagers may have a difficult time finding the perfect mattress. They usually weigh more than toddlers and need a firmer mattress.

A full mattress is also more comfortable for a single sleeper, since it is 16 inches wider than a twin mattress. However, it is difficult to find a full XL bed, and it is often more expensive. The length of a full bed may not be as comfortable for tall people.


If you are buying a new bed, you may be wondering what the difference between a double bed and a full mattress is. In general, they are the same size, but there are some subtle differences. Double beds are larger than full beds and often have a longer length. For example, a double bed may be 48 inches by 75 inches, but it might be 54 inches by 80 inches.