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What’s inside Matt Sorum’s sanctuary, Guns N’ Roses drummer?

Sorum and Harper wanted to create a modern and welcoming space for their interior design. They wanted to create an inviting and pleasant atmosphere that would welcome family and friends. They chose a palette of mostly whites and beiges, with touches in warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange. This is evident in several products, such as their handmade Moroccan rugs.

Matt Sorum’s sanctuary is a beautiful place that showcases the drummer’s many talents. The home’s art collection and handcrafted furniture, authentic Moroccan rugs by Atlas Weavers, and Atlas Weavers are all testaments to Sorum’s love of art and design. Matt Sorum’s Palm Springs house is a reflection of his creative vision, with its eclectic décor, animal sanctuary, and relaxing pool.

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Matt Sorum, Ace Harper, and their daughter Lou Ellington Sorum photographed in their living room. Their french bulldogs Ella and Bowie lounge on a Moroccan rug from Atlas Weavers.
Source : https://www.architecturaldigest.com/


Bill Willis, the designer of some of the most seductive and exotic interiors, has created many of these in Marrakech.

Bill Willis, an American expatriate, has been living in Marrakech since the early 1980s. Bill Willis, originally from Tennessee, studied at Columbia University and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, as well as the Cooper Design Union in New York. He then visited Marrakech on a trip with Paul Getty. He decided to stay in Morocco after being completely captivated. Willis’ eye for detail, passion and knowledge of Moroccan architecture, design, and artisanal history have helped him create a unique style. This style is widely copied by both his Moroccan and European clients (who built mostly second residences). He has become a part of the Moroccan design influence through his work with Yves Saint Laurent and other distinguished clients.

The decorative foundations for his work are formed by these ingredients.
Like architect Charles Boccara, he draws most of his historical references, like architect Charles Boccara with whom he designed the Tikckha hotel, from the golden age in Moroccan culture. Almoravids and Almohads of the 11th-13th century. The interiors of his home are filled with the arches and intricately painted woodwork of the 11th-13th centuries, as well as the complex geometric patterns on the area Moroccan carpets. There are also the high ceilings decorated in plaster carvings. Marrakech has a unique character. Willis believes that it embodies the spirit and culture of Morocco, and design should celebrate and recognize this.
Bill Willis’s distinctive visual sense has generated interest in Berber weaving and Moroccan hand-made Moroccan rugs in the same way that American writer Paul Bowles did with his novel The Sheltering Sky. Bill Willis’ interiors are almost solely responsible for the revival of artisanal traditions.

His enthusiasm for Moroccan culture is not nostalgic or melancholy. He applies the lessons he’s learned in a modern way. He’s not trying to recreate historical interiors. In fact, he thinks the kasbahs of old and the riyads are too much. Like rugs at a bazaar, layers of intricate mosaics, woodwork, and plaster carving were piled up. As a result, even the grandest of spaces were often covered in a carnival-like display of decorative effects. More was never enough in traditional terms! Willis confides that even today, many Moroccans don’t know how to stop. This American in Marrakech has been credited for rekindling a love affair with decorative crafts.

Why did they choose Palm Springs as their sanctuary?

Sorum and Harper chose Palm Springs as their new home because they married at the Colony Palms Hotel in 2013. They have been visiting Palm Springs and soaking up the area’s beauty ever since. The city’s desert landscape, San Jacinto Mountains views, and excellent restaurants made it a perfect fit.