Point-of-sale software is meant to make work easier. With the changing needs of the industry and advancements in technology, it is significant to choose the right POS system for your pet store. A cloud based POS system like Hana Retail is especially created for retail businesses like a pet store.

So, how will you get the apt pet store POS? By looking at the features of the POS system. Here are a few features that you must look for when buying the ideal POS for your pet store.

5 Best Features Must for a Pet Shop POS

1. Cloud access

Customers are changing the way they shop. So, you must change the way you operate. Cloud solutions in the POS system allow you to operate your store from anywhere. You can access store data from your home and assist the store people to offer a smooth customer experience. Cloud solutions also offer security benefits like keeping your store data safe even if there’s some accident or theft in your store.

Another advantage of choosing a cloud-based POS system is that you don’t require hefty investments like in case of a traditional POS system. Unlike them, a cloud pos like Hana retail doesn’t require a specific set of hardware installation on premise. Rather, you can download the software in any of your electronic devices and enjoy the full functionality remotely.

2. Comprehensive customer files

Keeping track of customers and their pets always works to build a long-term relationship with customers. With the right pet store POS system, you can draw the image of your customer and their pets. The system enables you to access their data and create personalized customer files for easy reference. This feature not only helps to offer a personalized customer experience but also ensures better customer relationships. You can serve your customers better by accessing their purchase or transaction history, and other info like pet details.

3. Inventory management

Managing your pet store is of utmost importance. You don’t want to go wrong when recommending products for pets. By installing the right POS, you can track the available inventory. You can consult the items in your inventory and then make recommendations or take orders for the product. This feature prevents you from taking orders for products that are unavailable. Further, with advanced POS inventory management features, you can update prices, manage quantities, and automate updating inventory information.

4. Barcode reader integration

POS systems for retail pet stores must have integration feature with certain important hardware like printers and barcode readers. Connecting the POS system to these devices ensures seamless functioning of the store. Barcode readers in pet stores allow users to display all product information in the software without any manual data entry. You can automatically enter all product information thereby saving time and reducing the risk of manual errors.

5. Regular updates feature

When buying the ideal retail management POS software for your pet store ensure that the system automatically updates information daily. There are POS systems where you are required to update your daily information manually. Since there is a chance of missing out and errors in manual entry, get a POS system for your pet store that automatically updates all information on a daily basis. Therefore, you can access up-to-date store and inventory information effortlessly.

POS systems installed in pet stores offer several advantages. You can access accurate data and get a 360-degree view of your business functions through the POS system. Also, you can make projections, analyze records, and generate reports to assess your pet store’s performance. Thus, POS systems in pet stores can improve the quality of service.