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What is the quality of Cardi B Whip Shots Whipped Cream?

Those of you who follow Cardi B on Instagram might have seen her new brand of vodka-infused drinks, Cardi B Whip Shots if you are a fan. It was not that long ago that whip shots were hard to obtain and as highly raved as they are today. Cardi B Whip Shots are now available to buy and drink at Liquor Mates, so you can purchase them, enjoy them, and post them to your Instagram for your followers to envy. Cardi B Whip Shots are a luscious addition to any cocktail, event, or cocktail party. They come in three different flavor options: vanilla, caramel, and mocha.

What Makes Cardi B Whip Shots Different?

Cardi B Whip Shots are one of the only spiked whipped creams on the market. Cardi B’s signature whipped cream has a generous ABV of 10 percent, and you can really taste the vodka in it. If you do some quick math – if regular vodka contains 40% alcohol and Cardi B Whip Shots contain 10% alcohol…that means a whopping quarter of them is pure vodka. Nice! 

As soon as you open the can of Cardi B Whip Shots, it is clear that these are not your average can of Reddi Wip. There is no doubt that the packaging of this product is luxurious, as well as the subtle ombré effect that is created by the three flavors. As far as branding is concerned, it is quite impressive and will surely turn heads at parties! Furthermore, it is dairy-free and does not require refrigeration in addition to the fact that it is dairy-free. 

Cardi B Whip Shots Flavor Profiles

In collaboration with Cardi B, Starco Brands has come up with Whip Shots, a non-dairy cream topping made with actual vodka in it. And the best part is that there are three different flavors to choose from, so there is something for everyone: Vanilla, Caramel, and Mocha. 

Cardi B Whip Shots – Vanilla

As far as Cardi B was concerned, she was never vanilla, but now she is. Vanilla is one of the three flavors of Cardi B Whip Shots that you can choose from. With a smooth taste and 100% natural flavors, Vanilla Cardi B Whip Shots are available in two sizes, 200 ml and 375 ml bottles, to meet the needs of any individual. The Vanilla Cardi B Whip Shots have the quality to swirl up the fun at any party or a casual get-together with their simple yet sweet flavors. 

Cardi B Whip Shots – Mocha

Cardi B Whipshots has been taken to a whole new level with the addition of the mocha-flavored Whip Shot to the experience. In terms of taste, it is creamy, with the 10% vodka blending in well with coffee and cocoa notes, resulting in a combination that creates a decadent affair between vodka and whipped cream. 

Cardi B Whip Shots – Caramel

The company’s final flavor in the Whipshots arsenal is caramel. This flavor is also known as a “flavor” according to the brand. You’re going to love the buttery sweet taste of Caramel Cardi B Whipshots, which will impress your taste buds and leave you craving for more. As with vanilla and mocha whipped creams, caramel whipped cream is also available in the same size as the other two flavors, and it adds ultra-premium vodka-infused fun to any party. 

Buy Cardi B Whip Shots Online at Liquor Mates

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