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What is the longest a personal injury claim can take?

Personal injury claims can vary from quick and straightforward settlements to complicated cases that last years and are dependent on various factors. However, as Bojat Law Group suggests, the best way to speed up the process is by hiring eminent personal injury lawyers.

In this article, we’ll talk about what is the longest you can wait to get your injury claim settled. In addition, we will go through the factors that impact the length of the process. Keep reading and find out more.

Average injury claim duration

The average claim duration is dependent on the mechanism of injury and its severity. For example, if we are talking about accidents on the road, it can take from four to ten months. On the other hand, if there is a criminal assault in question, the claim can last from a year to eighteen months.

Although these are average injury claim durations, everyone can be resolved quicker if everything falls in place right. However, every case can be prolongated if there is missing evidence, or if both sides find it difficult to come up with an agreement. That is the reason why some cases last more than two years.

Factors that impact the length of the process

The length of the claim is dependent on factors such as the injury and its severity. In addition, the time needed to gather all the medical evidence and come up with a complete evaluation.

According to Bojat Law Group, medical evidence is the most important document you’ll have to obtain, which usually takes take from a week to a couple of months depending on the severity. In addition, the report has to include possible disability and inability to work which increases the compensation.

In case the injury is due to medical negligence the case last longer because it is hard to prove that, and liability is hard to be accepted. This is the reason why they last from a year to a year and a half and in some cases many more.

The perpetrator’s behavior is important as well. If they deny liability over the act, the case will have to get to trial which usually takes time. Lastly, if the identity of the person who did the harm is unknown, the case will last a lot longer than anticipated, or until the person is found.

How much do you need to wait to receive a settlement offer

If the defendant accepts liability, the defendant might offer a quick settlement before the medical examination is done. This is usually a sum lot smaller than the one you would receive after the medical evidence, so it’s best not to accept it.

After the medical report, the perpetrators will want to quickly settle the issue to avoid paying the court expenses. This is where you get to negotiate and achieve a sum you are satisfied with.

Bear in mind that you are the claimer, and you can end this journey whenever you want or reach a sum you are satisfied with. As advised by Bojat Law Group, having good law representatives and being advised throughout the process is essential to come up with a great decision and achieve a great settlement award.