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Does the child need a children’s camp?

Question: “Does a child need a children’s camp?” Many are asked: teachers, scientists, psychologists, sociologists and, of course, YOU. And, of course, in the end, the child himself asks a similar question, “Should he spend his free time in a children’s camp?” In the last decade, there are no clear answers. Some believe that the children’s camp is a useful and important thing, while others, on the contrary, think that it is a relic of the Soviet era. So what should those who faced the choice of where to send their child for the holidays do for the first time?

In our opinion, the most popular children’s camps at the moment should be those children’s camps that teach children to adapt to the new, the ability to “take a hit” to changes in society, motivate them to self-improvement, who want to learn quickly and grow professionally in various fields of activity. Children’s camps have a future, where there are interesting, useful activities, and active and organized recreation for children. The value of this time is the opportunity for each child and parent to freely choose their favorite children’s health camp. And we are sure that if autumn camp in Singapore is your conscious and free choice, then you will subsequently be awarded sincere gratitude from your child.

Most teachers categorically say: “The child needs a children’s camp!” But what? Here we would like to share our thoughts.

Of the variety of pedagogical programs and the diversity of children’s camps, parents have to make a choice in which children’s camp to send their child to. Someone thinks that there is not enough discipline, someone needs to just relax or conduct more educational excursions, and so on.

When choosing a children’s camp, it should be noted that it must have its own concept, pedagogical program, professional team, financial support and a good material base.

Being in the children’s camp, the child lives according to the rules of the team, organized life. And there is nothing wrong with that. Discipline and self-discipline only help to be more organized, a person capable of constructive communication that does not destroy the personality itself in this communication.

In the camp, each child receives special attention, the right to choose an activity, and a comfortable psychological climate for the realization of his abilities during children’s recreation. Long-term and daily joint planning of shifts and creative affairs allows our pupils to acquire a number of new social skills: to be able to work in a team; to interest and motivate other children; the ability to communicate with different categories of people; be tolerant and flexible.