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What is the best streaming service for live TV?

This article shows you how to choose a good streamer on YouTube by watching their videos. Also, you will know which ones are free and paid ones. You can watch other things in this article as well if you like them. In general, it’s important to get familiar with different types of video streaming before choosing one among others, including live TV streaming. So, let us find out about some options and see which one fits your needs.

1- Streamers

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “streaming service” is probably Netflix or Hulu. These are two popular services that have become household names in the past decades in the US. They offer both movies (not all) and series (all). However, they don’t have any specific features that make them better than other companies. If you want to enjoy many channels (and channels can be seen on multiple devices) at once, pay for an unlimited package (or subscription fee) of such companies. Or, you can join several streaming platforms instead of just one, depending on how often you need to access its content. Read more about these factors here.

2- YouTube TV

YouTube has been around for years, but only a few people realized that now and then they made use of this place to watch online television shows. It was not until recently that the entire world joined in, and it became quite popular among young adults and teenagers. While there are plenty of platforms where users can share their opinion-oriented documentaries for entertaining purposes (such as Youtube Channels), the primary reason people go for YouTube TV is because of its vast catalog of titles, a great selection of movies, quality content, and high availability. According to statistics, over 1 billion views in total were watched on this platform during Q1 of 2020. Besides being popular among younger viewers, this streamer also serves adult fans (which gives way to some controversy). But still, the creators who work on it try to please everyone and provide the highest possible quality of content. And, as for mobile apps, Google Search has installed hundreds of new additions to improve the search experience and optimize ranking. There are currently four versions available: free, paid, premium, and ad-free. Check the price and availability of each one below.

3- Disney Plus

Another massive competitor on the market is Disney+. It launched in 2005 and gained tremendous popularity among subscribers and viewers alike. Unlike other streaming services and competitors from time to time, it offers additional features apart from normal movie viewing. One of them, of course, is its subscription plan. Each year, subscribers receive certain perks that include discounts, coupons, special gifts, etc. It’s really convenient to have so many advantages without ever paying anything extra. Although its biggest drawback is the fact that this streaming service costs much more than usual cable TV subscriptions. At least for me, it’s better because I rarely miss commercials while streaming. Another disadvantage could be low-quality content (check my list of recommendations below). However, in case something looks bad, it usually has high-quality support through social media channels. Nevertheless, it isn’t perfect yet, so it would be unfair to compare it to most other streaming services. Read more about it here.

4- HBO Max

HBO+ launched three years ago and quickly gained traction among viewers. Its newest addition includes exclusive movies and several original series; those who subscribe to HBO+ plan to get a discount on some movies (but not on most others). Furthermore, HBO+ has gotten itself into trouble several times due to copyright issues and a violation of contracts with filmmakers. Still, it isn’t very serious at the moment, although some people say that it is a huge disappointment. Even though new seasons of existing series never come to our screens, HBO+ is undoubtedly a preferable option for most viewers. Moreover, HBO+ does everything that makes it unique and stand out above the rest of other streaming providers; besides having a wide variety of shows, episodes, documentaries… Also, it is included in almost every device from smartphones to smart TVs. Thus, no matter which model you have, this streaming service could benefit you greatly. However, it is worth noting that HBO+ costs quite a bit more than standard streaming services, so it wouldn’t be cheap to invest more money in this particular type. More information and descriptions are available on various websites.

5- Prime Video

This is my favorite option in terms of home streaming (especially live TV). Many consider Amazon to be the leader in home entertainment, which means that people pay the same for various products on Amazon, Apple, Roku, etc. However, Prime Video delivers a wider range of choices and includes more live streams. Also, it offers numerous channels as well as a channel library that allows customers to search for specific shows. Finally, it even provides bonus memberships. As for convenience, we won’t mention other benefits of using this option, since they aren’t important for newcomers. Here is another review of this particular streaming service. So, for some information on why Amazon is so popular, read my previous article.

Finally, I would like to conclude this list of streaming services by saying that all these options come with restrictions. Some of them can be restricted to kids (for example, YouTube Kids), whereas others cannot be accessed by anyone other than dedicated subscribers (for instance, Disney+). In case you want to check whether you’re able to watch any show or movie (or a lot of videos) on these channels, you must pay for an account on these platforms.