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What is Better: a VPN Extension or the VPN Client App?

If you’re confused in deciding whether you should use a VPN app, or a browser extension then read this blog to find which is the best option for you, a VPN extension or the VPN client. In this blog, I will show you the benefits of each to help you in deciding the best option that better meets your needs.

It can be a little complicated to decide whether you should download the best VPN app, or use the VPN extension. To understand this, you first need to fathom the differences between the two.

Many users always try to search the differences and benefits of VPN app and VPN browser extension to figure out which they should actually prefer.  Let’s find out everything starting with what is a VPN extension?

What is a VPN Extension?

A VPN extension is a plug-in that you can use on your browser to quickly connect with your VPN. Usually, VPN extensions are very easy-to-use and work on browsers without interfering with your other connected devices, or traffic from other sources. A VPN extension is very lightweight and is only compatible with browsers.

What is the use of a VPN extension?

VPN extension is similar to a VPN app when it comes to the functionality. It hides your real IP address and activities that you do online while using your browser. When you install a VPN extension on your browser such as Chrome or Firefox, the VPN extension deals with the internet traffic on that browser only.  However, a VPN extension is not responsible for affecting other activities, including your gaming, torrenting or any other apps on your device.

For instance, when you install the VPN extension on your Firefox browser, the VPN will protect your internet traffic on Firefox browser. When you close Firefox, and launch any other app like Skype then the VPN extension will no longer protect your communication since the private connection ends as soon as the Firefox is closed.

What Are the Benefits of Using a VPN Extension?

VPN extensions have two main benefits. One is that these extensions are very lightweight to affect your speed and they are very user-friendly. Secondly, you can almost always find a VPN extension for free which is clearly not the case with VPN apps.

What are the Disadvantages of Using a VPN Extension?

VPN extensions also have some downsides that I am going to outline here. First, the VPN extensions are very slow compared to the VPN apps. They only protect browser traffic and leave your device and personal information exposed to the online threats.

Besides that, VPN extensions don’t really encrypt your traffic and that’s the reason they are considered less secure than the VPN apps.

Lastly, and most importantly VPN browser extensions are free and deliberately track your browsing habits to sell that data to advertisers for making money to run their services.

What is a VPN client app?

A VPN client app is an individual application that forms an encrypted route between your device and the VPN’s remote server. Once you connect to the VPN app, it will protect everything that you do online since your traffic passes through the VPN’s encrypted tunnel, all your data remains secure against the prying eyes.

VPN client apps are way different than a VPN browser extension. These apps secure all traffic irrespective of the browser that you use. Most VPN apps have encryption protocols used to ensure users’ anonymity and privacy online.

What Are the Benefits of Using a VPN Client App?

VPN client apps offer several benefits to the users. Firstly, a VPN app is responsible to protect your entire traffic with its strong encryption. Secondly, the VPN app has multiple server locations to connect with.

Moreover, VPN apps support multiple simultaneous device connections through which you can protect various devices with a single VPN account.

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a VPN Client App?

VPN client apps are great and offer various benefits, but just like everything it also has some downsides too. If you want to download the best VPN app on your device, then you have to pay for it. VPN apps don’t come for free. Moreover, some VPN apps are not compatible with certain devices and take a lot of time therefore, you have to configure a VPN on such devices with a router.


Here comes the wrap of this blog. I have discussed all the benefits and downsides of both VPN client app, and VPN browser extension. You can better analyze your needs and then select the one option that better matches with your needs and budget. However, I personally consider VPN apps great because it gives all-rounder security on all devices, and also helps in circumventing geo-restricted websites regardless of your location.