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7 Ways of Finding New Employees to Join Your Company

Not 20%, not even 50%, but a staggering 90% of U.S. workers are looking for a new job this 2023. Many admit they’re doing so to secure much better pay. Indeed, 4 in 10 said they need a higher-income position to deal with rising costs and inflation.

The above suggests that if you need new employees, you won’t have difficulty finding them. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to search for the right people to fill your vacancies. Likewise, you may find it hard to attract top talents to work for your company.

To that end, we created this guide on the best methods to hunt for and secure new hires. So read on to discover what you can do to fill those vacant positions in your organization ASAP.

1. Launch an Internal Referral Program

An internal referral program involves asking existing employees to recommend potential new hires. It provides current workers with a detailed list of job openings and requirements. It also guides them in terms of who your ideal candidate is.

Existing staff members can then give the names and contact info of people they know can fit the position. From there, you or your HR department can immediately contact the referrals. Then, you can schedule them for job interviews as soon as possible, helping you find new talent faster.

Providing incentives to referrers can make your internal referral program yield better results. For example, you can give existing workers a bonus for each successful referral they make.

2. Create a Career Page on Your Website

A site career page is a page on your site primarily dedicated to posting job openings in your company. Use this to share vacancies, job descriptions, requirements, and salaries. To make them more attractive, don’t forget to provide details on the perks and pros of the job.

Just as vital is highlighting your company’s mission and vision and why it’s a great workplace. You can also share an inspirational story, such as why you decided to become a small business owner.

Don’t forget to optimize your career page for search engines to make it more discoverable. One of the easiest ways to do this is to incorporate relevant keywords into your page content. You can use the free Google Ads Keyword Planner to help you determine the best keywords to use.

Specifying the job location in your posts can also help optimize them for search engines. For example, let’s say your business is in Miami, FL, and you’re looking for an assistant manager. In this case, you can incorporate the key phrase “assistant manager job in Miami, FL” in your post.

A final tip is to optimize the URL of each job post webpage with a relevant key term. Using the example above, you can use a slug such as: /assistant-manager-Miami/.

3. Take Advantage of Social Media

About 9 in 10 recruiters use social media to search for top talent worldwide. Even those looking for work do the same: over 40% of polled job seekers reported doing so.

Those figures show how using social media can help you achieve your goal of recruiting new staff. This process is what you call social media recruiting or social recruiting.

The top platforms for social recruiting are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. With these, you can search for job seekers that meet your qualifications. Likewise, you can use them to publish job postings with requirements.

4. Convert Contractors to Employees

Contractors are professionals providing services or skills to companies for a set period. They don’t classify as employees because they run their own independent companies. They work with, not for, other businesses per project or over a pre-agreed-upon time frame.

Fortunately, it’s possible to absorb a contractor in your company as an employee. Consider doing this if you’ve worked with the same one for years. Another reason is if the contractor has been providing you with excellent work.

Offer your contractor a full-time position in your company. Do this before your competitor does; otherwise, you can lose access to top talent. For an in-depth guide on contractor-to-employee conversion, view here for more details.

5. Advertise on Free Job Posting Sites

Another way to find new talent is to advertise your needs online via free job posting sites. These platforms let you create job posts and immediately publish them.

Google for Jobs, Indeed, and LinkedIn are examples of job posting sites with free ads. Use these to your advantage to help cut back on recruitment costs.

6. Invest in Paid Ads on Job Sites

Free job posting sites are ideal if you only need to advertise a few ads. However, they have limitations, such as what you can post or how you create your ads.

Fortunately, many free job sites also have paid options that provide more features. These include adding filters, tracking applicants, and uploading questionnaires. Some even come with dedicated managers and the ability to post on multiple boards.

With paid options, you can reach a wider audience much faster and, thus, speed up your hiring. They also help you target suitable candidates through artificial intelligence (AI).

7. Consider Working With a Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency is a third-party firm that helps companies find job candidates. Their jobs are much like those of hiring managers, except you can outsource them. That means you can work with them only as needed and not hire them in-house.

Recruitment agencies take over the entire process of recruitment and hiring. Their responsibilities include creating and advertising attractive job posts. They also collect CVs, interview candidates, and perform background checks.

From there, agencies create a final pool of prospective, suitable new hires.

As the client, it’s up to you to conduct a last interview with those who make this list. You can then make your final choice based on each interview’s outcome.

Time to Find Your New Employees

As you can see, there are many ways to find new employees, from internal referrals to free and paid job postings. However, they often provide the best results when combined. So, consider using more than one of these tactics to fill your vacant positions ASAP.

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