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What do you expect from the Best Window AC in India?

While purchasing air conditioners, most people first think about the best window ac in India. However, more advanced air conditioners like Wi-Fi-enabled inverter Split air conditioners are also available in the market, which consume much less electricity. If AC of more advanced technology is available, why do people still consider purchasing the old Window air conditioner? 

Why do people prefer Window Air Conditioners? 

The most important reason people prefer Window air conditioners is their familiarity with the product. Whether you visit a shop, office, gym, hospital, school or banquet Hall, you will find Window air conditioners. They are almost everywhere. If a product becomes popular, it only proves that people find it useful. 

Besides, Window air conditioners are much cheaper than a Split ac. Today, you can buy the best Window AC in India with a 1.5-ton capacity at Rs 28,000.00. However, if you decide to buy the latest Wi-Fi enabled Inverter Split Air Conditioners, you will spend around Rs 50,000.00. Why would anyone spend Rs 22,000.00 more for an air conditioner of the same capacity? 

Most importantly, installing a Window AC is very easy because all parts are neatly packed inside one unit, unlike a Split air conditioner with an internal and external unit. It also needs ducting and other fittings to install a Split ac. The normal installation cost of a Split air conditioner is Rs 6,000.00 to Rs 7,000.00, while it takes only Rs 500 to 1,000/- to install a Window ac. The spare parts of Window ac are also cheaper. 

Special Features You Should Look for in the Best Window AC in India

There are some common features that you find in all air conditioners. Therefore, you should choose a Window AC that has the following features. 

Air Quality

One of the essential qualities you expect in the best window ac in India is its ability to improve indoor air quality. Hence, the model must have air filters to provide clean air by preventing smoke, unpleasant odour and impurities. If it also has a dehumidifier, that will be a bonus since it will help to maintain a comfortable environment in the monsoon by reducing the humidity level. 

Blower Fan and Condenser Coil are Key Components 

The blower fan of the air conditioner is an important component that ensures the even distribution of air throughout your home. Therefore, a bigger blower fan is ideal for stronger airflow. The condenser coil is also a vital component that speeds up the cooling. Condenser coils should ideally support heat exchange and must possess anti-corrosive properties. Protective capacitors are also very useful components to protect fire safety in case of a short circuit.

Variable Speed

A good Window air conditioner must possess a thermostat and multiple fans to facilitate variable fan speeds, which helps in reducing the overall power consumption. The latest models have airflow and swing settings options that allow users to set the cooling levels as they like. It’s also able to reduce the AC’s noise level, making them ideal for bedrooms.