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Online Gambling Market Research – summary from onlinecasinohub.com

The most active users of online casinos are considered to be residents of the United States of America (USA), Britain, Australia and Germany. Project onlinecasinohub.com analyzed the online gambling market in several major countries and compared the players from the USA, Australia and Britain.

The data for research and statistics was taken from the analysis of the behavior of onlinecasinohub.com readers, as well as the information provided by partner sites, in particular sites from the best online casino Australia list. At the same time, all information was completely depersonalized and anonymous. Projects such as onlinecasinohub.com are concerned about the privacy of readers and players. Also, the site specialists studied the data of other independent sources related to gambling in these countries.

Comparison of legal features of countries

Onlinecasinohub.com experts say that in all three compared countries there are certain prohibitions related to gambling. For example, in Australia, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 prohibits any gambling other than sports betting and lotteries, in America casinos are allowed only in some states, and in Britain only casinos with a UK license are allowed.

How passionate are the players?

A study by the authors of onlinecasinohub.com showed that about 73.9 million US residents are active users of online casinos. Among them, 52% gamble for real money, with 2.6% of customers spending significant amounts of money. For comparison, the company has calculated the number of casino users in the UK and Australia. For example, among the UK casino customers, 64% of the 8.9 million wagers for money, with 3% of them preferring to leave significant amounts in a gambling establishment.

Australian players are less active. Online casino customers are only 2.4 million people in this country. As a percentage, this is only a tenth. Among them, only 43% play for money, and 3.4% spend large sums.

An analysis of the age category of casino customers in three English-speaking countries showed that:

  • the most active users are middle-aged men (36-50 years old) – this is more than a fifth of the total;
  • the second position is occupied by women aged 36-50 years, they are 16%,
  • but in third place are men from 26 to 35 years old.

Less inactive online casino users were females aged 18 to 25 years. Only 6% of women in this category prefer gambling.


According to the research company Newzoo (data is confirmed by partners of onlinecasinohub), men gamble the most in online casinos. For example, 58% of men make small bets, while 69% prefer to play for large amounts of money.

Female representatives do not leave large sums in the casino. If we compare the category of women aged 26-35, then 16% prefer to make small bets, and 12% play big. But this category of men often bets on large amounts of money, and they account for 27% of the total number of customers. This suggests that American men are more reckless than the fairer sex.

What gambling games are preferred?

Among Americans, poker is the most popular online gambling game. What is interesting about all its types – and live poker (with a dealer), and big tables for many players, and a single-player simulator. More than 27% of users of gambling establishments prefer to play this particular game. It is worth noting that among the British and Australians poker is also popular, 24% of customers are its fans.

The second position is occupied by slot machines, and more than 26% of Americans and Australians actively play “one-armed bandits”. Only a fifth of UK players choose to play online slots, which is one of the lowest percentages in the world.

In third place among customers of American and Australian casinos is the game of bingo. 17% of users play it. Compared to the UK gambling market, bingo is more popular here, with 23% of customers preferring it. Less interest is blackjack, then roulette, video poker and other gambling games.

It is worth noting that among the British and Australians, live roulette or single-player roulette (roulette simulator) is more popular than among US players. 14% of UK casino customers play roulette, while only 5% of Americans are fans of this game.

If you are interested in the topic of statistical research related to gambling, we recommend visiting onlinecasinohub.com. At the moment, the project is working closely with the casinos of such countries as Germany, Australia, Cyprus and Japan, but more countries will follow. Interesting data related to the behavior of players in the casino, unique insiders and other information appears here regularly.